British singer uses on his current world tour this microphone measurement as part of the sound system to ensure optimum quality in all his concerts.

Beyerdynamic TG MM1w

World Tour 'Adele Live 2016', which in each concert hangs the sign of all sold, has a careful sound design, with a focus clearly on British singer and his voice, which is complemented by a spectacular scenic visual support, in which the optical effects and acoustic are combined to perfection.

Due to the concept of the show, with sections in the scenario A and B, a fundamental element in this production is sound and, in particular, system measurement, to ensure optimal sound quality and adjust the sound source to the position of the artist.

Beyerdynamic TG MM1w Ulf OeckelThe design of the sound system allows that the sound source 'move' in a certain way during the show. As innovation, PA equipment is significantly higher in the B stage, assigned as central, as in A, which is the main in the enclosure. If the singer moves to one of the scenarios or between the two during the show, the sound source also follows it.

The responsibility for creating this awesome sound system lies with an experienced team, formed by Dave Barcey FOH engineer, and the systems engineer audio Ulf Seckel (pictured), who worked also together for international artists as Pink, Cher and now Adele.

In order to measure both scenarios PA systems (the A - 270 ° and 360 ° B), Ulf Oeckel has relied on the new beyerdynamic TG MM1w (which distributes in Spain Gaps), since until this measurement microphone was officially presented in Prolight + Sound 2016This engineer could work exclusively with the combination of wireless digital, the handheld transmitter and TG MM1w capsule on the tour of Adele.

Beyerdynamic TG MM1w"TG MM1w microphone has been with me on tour for nine months and has been tested as a very precise and extremely robust - Oeckel says. Before the world tour of Adele, I had already been working with this new model, together with the TG 1000 system, Mark Knopfler tour and that work was able to provide useful feedback to the development team."

Thanks to the integrated in TG MM1w booster, "transmission in large enclosures is brilliant, and the handheld transmitter is very nice in terms of use. Usually, when I'm on tour I have to use five to six microphones measure at this level throughout the year, since most suffers losses of behavior in the HF range over time and become inaccurate. But after nine months, TG MM1w is still generating consistent and reliable measures, and has really impressed me,"stresses Oeckel.

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By • 12 Jul, 2016
• Section: accessories, Audio, Study cases