Wavetec has installed a ticker of 32 meters in length and a resolution of 7.872 × 64 pixels, which is integrated with the Thomson Reuters source in order to present financial information in real time to students, so that they will experience and learn how it operates the marketing of shares.

Wavetec school business Egade

Egade is the school of postgraduate studies in business of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, University recognized in Mexico and Latin America by training professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive internationally and generate value.

The use of Visual props and interactive screens in educational institutions is becoming a fundamental aspect in the delivery of education and for the explanation of new concepts. As part of the commitment of the business school Egade for innovation as well as its mission to develop business leaders with entrepreneurial spirit and competitive internationally, decided to implement a solution key in hand, to create a simulation Center of trading stocks in his laboratory for students of finance.

Wavetec school business Egade

With this simulated environment of stock trading was intended to impart a robust understanding of the financial industry with a practical approach that will allow students to apply their knowledge on the field of finance to trade information online, in real time, presented on the screen and thus know the mechanism of trading stocks.

For the implementation of this project has been used technology of Wavetec, which set up a ticker of 32 meters in length by 26 cm high, with a resolution of 7.872 × 64 pixels. This display is located along the walls of the laboratory and integrated with the source of Thomson Reuters. Presents financial information in real time to the students, allowing them to experiment and learn how it operates marketing actions.

"Wavetec specializes in providing integral solutions Led to financial institutions and markets. This project contributes in the creation of a financial lab practical getting to make learning more attractive,"explains Germán Martínez, regional manager of Wavetec in Latin America.

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By • 22 Jul, 2016
• Section: Study cases, Display, Business, Simulation