Improve the audiovisual offer for fans, generate new revenue opportunities and open new lines of business in the London Stadium Stamford Bridge, home of this team, have been the main reasons to rely on the technology of digital signage from this manufacturer.

TriplePlay Chelsea FC

Considered one of the major football clubs in Europe and with followers around the world, Chelsea FC has completed an audiovisual improvement project in their Stadium, Stamford Bridge, located in Fulham, West London, to provide your fans and visitors-quality images during games, as well as offer television differential.

The target set by those responsible was to replace the existing distribution network with coaxial, complex maintenance, at Stamford Bridge by a next generation solution, based on IP, covering both the audiovisual expectations and experience of fans at the stadium as generating new revenue opportunities and open up new lines of business to the club.

Chelsea FC wanted to use IP technology to its television service as a replacement for its coaxial network, due to the need for balance and constantly calibrate the signal of analogue television in all the stadium, as well as controlling the management of the noise and interference affecting the level of quality of the offered signal.

TriplePlay Chelsea FC

The solution was to install a system that would simplify the management of the television distribution in all areas of Stamford Bridge without the need of having different headers of television, as well as at different locations within the stadium, Hotel and training camps. The requirement is to be a platform able to adapt to future changes of TV services and that it would allow them to easily add new features to new needs identified.

The ability to provide high quality image without compromising the flexibility and robustness was a key requirement in the project, as well as eliminating the constant updates of coaxial distribution network maintenance. Another factor to consider was the investment that the club had already made in TVs the Samsung signing for reuse in the new project.

TriplePlay Chelsea FC

During the process of searching for this platform, Chelsea FC managers also decided to develop new lines of revenue that incorporated the television service was offered in the infrastructure of the stadium.

The solution of TV over IP that you choose should provide digital signage services, to display different types of content, mainly from advertising and promotions, the hotel and the area of guests and displays, to certain screens of the Stadium, as well as additional services from streaming video to provide a quality visual experience during games.

The chosen solution that met these requirements has been IPTV and digital signage platform of Tripleplay, with a project end-to-end based on thin client to provide sources of standard television and high-definition, as well as content of a digital screens in all the facilities of the club.

TriplePlay Chelsea FC

The client device that is used is a Set Top Box IP high definition standard, which provides remote management, reliability, and scalability for future needs, as well as working with any existing or new digital display.

The centralized and integrated Tripleplay solution allows end devices distribute TV sources, content and playlists to the systems of digital signage in the stadium, with specific content for the area according to the requirements of their different users, whether corporate, hobbyists, customers of the club staff or marketing teams.

Como la solución de TV sobre IP ha eliminado los problemas de calidad de señal, Chelsea FC puede proporcionar más servicios y personalizados a diferentes tipos de audiencia, con el consiguiente retorno de la inversión en el sistema. Stamford Bridge cuenta con trescientas pantallas distribuidas por todo el estadio; 192 habitaciones en el hotel con TV, y cuarenta displays en los campos entrenamiento, todas bajo un único sistema de televisión.

TriplePlay Chelsea FC

In particular, TV sources live between the training camps and the stadium assure that you offered information in real time, especially for wheels of press, as well as other parties, merchandising and season pass offerings, advertising and information for sponsors etc.

The club has a wide selection of TV channels available on the network, including Digital Television terrestrial, satellite and channels Premium and Chelsea FC Match Day, displayed in any of the more than three hundred screens in the stadium. The system allows to record any TV channel is this issuing through the network to analyze it later.

Para llevar la experiencia audiovisual de los aficionados aún más lejos y mantenerlos implicados, Chelsea FC tiene previsto añadir fuentes de vídeo en HD para los días de partido. Para ello instalará un módulo de reporting con el fin de controlar y analizar el acceso al contenido al personal autorizado, así como un gestor de eventos a la plataforma integrado con el sistema del estadio para reaccionar de forma instantánea a alarmas o emergencias.

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