Both companies have partnered to digitize large spaces and provide innovative commercial campaigns for their clients at major European airports, which in the case of Helsinki, one of the largest in the world, has led to the installation of two inside the model N4 Led video screens.


The Finnish subsidiary of Clear Channel It has expanded the network of digital advertising that runs in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport with the installation of two new model N4 Led video screens, belonging to the series N Smart & Slim's Absent, company that has a commercial and technological agreement for digital projects during the next three years.

Video N4 Led panel has 4 mm of distance between pixels, and the cabinet of 864 × 288 mm has been installed at the airport and 1,000 nits of brightness to set up two screens of large-format (8.71 sq m each), that in addition to quality and uniformity of image, facilitates maintenance and repair from the front.


For Derek Latham, director of digital solutions at Clear Channel Finlandia, this screen is a major attraction in the airport environment for advertisers and audiences. "After a thorough investigation, we chose Absen Led panels to modernize our network of digital in the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport displays, since we were impressed by the performance, brightness and quality General image of your screens".

In addition to improving the commercial and visual image of the airport, one of the objectives of this project "has been increase format screens, 8.71 square meters each, and the visual impact, since they have set suspended from the ceiling in a tubular steel frame. We have worked in close collaboration with the technicians of Finavia, responsible for the management of the airport, and Absen from the planning stage to the installation to determine the best possible solution", said Latham.


As part of this collaboration, Absen offers a tailor-made service level agreement with Clear Channel to suit your business needs, including support for installation and configuration; direct access to its technicians; five years of warranty on their products, as well as replacement of parts to keep the operations going, in addition to training both in their offices and facilities in which the project has been.

In addition, this project is a continuous monitoring of the media connected to the screens servers detect and immediately rectify any faults which may occur in the minimum time, along with a newspaper to ensure maintenance the optimum performance of the N4 screens in a 24 × 7 environment such as the airport.

absen-helsinki-vantaa-airport"Always we are looking for new ways to deliver content to customers through our digital network - designated Latham-, and the partnership between Clear Channel and Absen responds to this, to what our customers expect from us as the DooH company more It is important for Finland. We are very happy with the quality of N4 and displays the form of display ads."

For his part, Nacho Pérez Borjabad, responsible for digital media Clear Channel International and current director of Absen European advertising market, cites the airports segment as a strategic area for Absen, "an agreement that we are delighted and" We take the responsibility to offer innovation of product, performance and service excellence to our customers, trying to exceed their expectations at all times".

Helsinki-Vantaa joins the international airports in Italy (Rome and Venice, more data in) Digital AV Magazine); Australia (Sydney and Brisbane); New Zealand (Auckland); Norway (Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim) and others more Absen Led display solutions that "are changing the landscape of airports with innovative systems and high-performance that go far beyond a standard Led panel" feature, designated from the company.


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By • 7 Oct, 2016
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