The acquisition by the digital division of the consulting firm seems to have sat well to this Spanish developer, which retains its identity and its PosterDigital brand, and strengthens both its projection for international business, and talent for innovation implement projects and methodologies under the Liquid concept in the new digital environment.


All positive and all negative, seems so far the maximum following the acquisition of Tecnilógica on the part of Accenture Digital at the end of last July, and since then "live honeymoon in which Accenture has provided and given more, though obviously we have adapted management and other issues while maintaining the freshness and dynamics of technological projects in a way" different", explains Jorge Gutierrez, CEO of signage part of Accenture Digital, the new name of the company.

Because of this differential business arises interest and the purchase of the digital division of the consulting firm, which now takes more form with starting up a new common model between the two: Liquid IT.

Accenture-Digital-tecnilogica-Jose-Luis-SanchoExplains it José Luis Sancho, managing director of Accenture Digital for Iberia and Israel: "since our unit we was not worth the traditional way of doing business and offer services in a rapidly changing environment and that we needed a specific part for" help companies in their digital transformation, we have called IT Liquid, as well as having the talent necessary to carry it out. "We have now taken a leap with the purchase of signage, which adds to the ecosystem of Accenture Digital companies to meet the demand of a new IT fastest, most innovative, and open source-based business".

More specifically, Liquid IT is a strategy of software development that involves the use of modular architectures, reusable components, open source and third parties, as well as methodologies, Agile and DevOps API to significantly reduce time and costs in the creation of solutions adapted to the dynamic business change and the expectations of users, defined both responsible.

Accenture-digital-signage-jorge-gutierrezThis business model is one more promising and profitable future in the digital transformation, "since 18% of the investment of the companies will be in this environment, according to data from Gartner, and expected that this total budget will reach 28% in the year 2018" Sancho says, at the time that designates the positive expectations for the adoption of Liquid IT: "between 15 and 20% of the projects which are currently developed in the market because they obey to this paradigm, and 100% of those who are considered innovative and disruptive already is rea" lizan under these parameters".

But the challenges of this digital transformation are not simple or fast, mainly in sectors with processes very consolidated and conservative, such as banking, insurance,... in which the gradual cultural change internal, the adaptation of methodologies and new products must show the way.

As Angel Barbero, responsible for business development in signage, points out "the digital transformation is not easy, because both the technology and the methodology are very complex and innovation set the pace, although they exist in more traditional sectors two-speed, and a more traditional which is very gradually adapted to the start-up of small pilot projects, which is where put in value our Liquid IT model".

Precisely, the acquisition by Accenture Digital, "not only strengthens our company, but it opens the doors to sectors that it was very difficult to access and explain this proposal, in addition to very expensive because we did not have a talent pull very specialized now yes we have,"added Gutierrez.

Signage offices Kuligraso

Digital signage as an added value

In the current signage part of Accenture Digital "another element of business critical when making the decision of acquisition has been the area of digital signage and its PosterDigital system - explains Sancho, to improve the experience of the customer in the space "physical, since at Accenture we didn't have these systems, but production of a company we buy, and we can now offer comprehensive services".

One of the issues which still remain to be defined after the acquisition is signage alliances with wholesalers and distributors, mainly of the audiovisual environment, and how adapt to new business as part of Accenture Digital strategy.

signage-travel-cubeOne of the proposals that have already shown together to drive this digital experience omnicanal, during the third edition of Accenture Digital Conference (ADC3), held recently in Madrid with the presence of some three hundred executives and Middle hundreds of CEO of Spain, has been the so-called signage Travel Cube.

It is a digital news station that allows the user to know in advance and in real time the temperature of various tourist destinations. Cubes color indicates what feels like there are in each city, and reseal Passport supported in the cube, the client receives information about the destination (rates for flights, etc.).

For this technical development, signage equipment been used Raspberrys Pi, pressure sensors, images of Instagram cities tagged for screens and connections to an online weather service API.

Expansion and organic growth

Another of the highlights of the Accenture Digital signage integration is the international expansion, since although this company opened a few months ago an office in London and has developed digital projects in other European countries (additional information at) Digital AV Magazine), "now they have put us in tray and strengthens - ensures Gutierrez-, and we'll be there where ask us a project".

To cope with all this, the company will also grow in focused professional talent to develop the Liquid IT model. "We have increased the staff by 25%, and at the end of 2016 there will be some more people, and the idea is to have some two hundred people more during the next three years."

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By • 17 Nov, 2016
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