Virtual and augmented, reality videomapping, robotics and the latest developments in display, sound and lighting have been the protagonists of the event organized in Madrid aimed at customers, suppliers and technicians of the sector.

Flüge Understandong

Under the name flight Understanding, this company of audiovisual services has organized a Conference of doors open to customers, suppliers and technicians of the sector.

Flüge UnderstandongThis event is has developed over this week and has had as objective "to publicize the company, how we operate and the services we provide and, on the other hand, has a formative character, teaching seminars, lectures and courses in which they offer" high level training and present the novelties of the brands we work with and the operation of the equipment. This is the first time that we organise it but our intention is to make it an annual event ", explains Enrique Jiménez, responsible for design and communication company.

Flüge career began 25 years ago focused on the sound of live music and has evolved to become a company that offers global services of lighting, sound, and video for events and facilities permanent.

Flüge UnderstandongCurrently, it is present in different areas of the national territory (Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Levante, Zaragoza and Galicia) and has expanded its field of action outside Spain, Shanghai, Doha and Panama. "Our expansion strategy is aimed to be increasingly close to the customer to solve their problems in the fastest way."

During four days, targeting institutions, training, technical and professional sector events, permanent installations and entertainment centers, performed demonstrations, courses and guided tours of the facilities, giving it to Learn about the latest developments in the audiovisual sector, showing different developments of reality increases and virtual, projected in 360 ° and the most innovative audio and lighting.

Flüge UnderstandongFlüge has also taken this opportunity to publicize its new Department of scenic engineering that focuses on development of projects which require special installations carried out to measure.

Understanding Flüge is divided into four areas with varied programming. In Plató Louladi took place demos p.a., conferences, product presentations and workshops. This environment showcased the latest audiovisual technologies with Led displays from different manufacturers, and stands of Stonex, Equipson, Meyer Sound, Neotecnica, EES and Showtex (steal).

Different papers, presentations, and courses taught by Earpro, Neotecnica, DiGiCo, Trade training, EES and D.A.S Audio were held in Conference Room 1. Different Trade training and an advanced course of Chamsys were scheduled in the rehearsal room.

Flüge UnderstandongFor the realization of this event, Flüge has transformed its facilities and has created an environment where the AV solutions have been the protagonists. In regards to the visual field the main stage had a screen Gloshine of 4.8 mm in a format 7 × 4, also outlined an information display Createled AirMag-2 of 2.6 mm with a size of 2 × 3 meters and 6 mm with a dimens curve Yestech 3 × 7 m ions.

In the gateway and welcoming attendees was a transparent screen Lang Ghost-Oled 55-l which was exhibited for the first time in Spain.

Flüge UnderstandongAudio infrastructure was managed by CL1 from Yamaha and a Soundcraft Expression provided by Earpro consoles.

The most striking experience was the mappeado on a car that was controlled through a touch screen from where the appearance of the vehicle could be changed.

In the VIP lounge, augmented and virtual reality as well as robotics were the protagonists. In this area attendees could try a Hololens augmented reality glasses and other virtual reality HTC lives. Moreover, the signature Casual Robots was present with two humanoid Pepper and a telepresence robot.

Flüge UnderstandongIn addition, Flüge has also shown the fixed installation carried out in one of the rooms, in collaboration with Cubensis, a videomapping of large format where images are projected from two teams of Panasonic on a wall whose surface has been coated with a material of glass forming a set of geometric shapes, where you could enjoy the audiovisual installation, domotic of the plant, managed by a system of Creston.

Activities offered covered from presentations by Martin-Harman, and operates Sites until Max Valley and Cubensis, conferences papers of Digico demo and training with MA Lightning dot2.

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By • 25 Nov, 2016
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