Gift of the Vatican to the city of Washington, this Centre is not only a place where visitors learn the story of which was Pope and his subsequent canonization, but who come there to experience it in the form of tribute with the latest projection technology and interactive viewing of Digital Projection and Planar.

Santuario-San - jpablo-ii

Located a short distance from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., the National Shrine of San Juan Pablo II has nine galleries that immersed visitors in its intense life; Since its birth in the Poland occupied by the nazis, his subsequent priesthood and Ministry as Bishop, until the end of his pontificate of twenty-six years, his death in 2005, and her canonization in 2014.

As a gift from the Vatican, their drivers and managers: Knights of Columbus (Knights of Columbus), hired the specialist in design of museums Gallagher & Associates to carry out the renovation of the buildings and set up this sanctuary, which has become not only a tribute to the life and work of San Juan Pablo II, but in a place of worship, pilgrimage, and education you receive to more than eighteen million visitors a year.

This unique installation relies on new display technologies to create an immersive environment and interactive with visitors and the story that is told, for whose integration Gallagher hired also American signature Design & Production.

So have built a theatre immersive format 180 °, equipped with a a large mural visual, formed by five large format screens, covering a total surface area 3, 6 × 20, 7 meters, with the aim of creating an immersive visual environment that moved to the visitors to the Vatican City, in particular, to St. Peter's square, opposite the basilica of the same name and from whose balcony Pope Juan Pablo II blessed the faithful.

Santuario-San - jpablo-ii

Five manufacturer model Titan WUXGA 3D projectors are used to display the contents on this big screen Digital Projection. As explains one of its leaders, "we have this enormous circular Theatre, 180 ° with absolutely clean for projecting full screen lines. When you perform this type of installation is always an odd number of projectors (for three or five screens normally), since if you couple we would have a seam in the Middle, a stalemate that is precisely where people are focused and, if any alignment problem, would be immediately obvious."

In addition, Gallagher commissioned the preparation of contents producer Donna Lawrence, who formed a team that moved to Rome to collect video and audio files, as well as to record images in 5K UHD to enhance the immersion experience. Added to this position and seats of the banks of the theatre, that place the viewer what enough forward so that United five screens immerse it completely in the history, unless you see neither equipment nor the image edge.

Santuario-San - jpablo-ii

As the guests through the exhibition, they access a second theater space, designed to offer an experience that is similar to the previous space, but on a smaller scale. Thus, instead of five DPI Titan WUXGA 3D projectors, this area has three teams projecting images of the Basilica of St. Peter and the Vatican, "a far more contemplative space", as described by Donna Lawrence, which focuses on the last days as Pope in his funeral and subsequent canonization as San Juan Pablo II.

"With this massive sweeping canvases, we have the opportunity to immerse people in the absolutely unique history of San Juan Pablo II - highlights Lawrence-who was connected with the people in an unprecedented way." Since he took the history of the Catholic Church and Christianity to the masses and, especially, young people. The theatre has the potential power to tell the story of this unique form which had reach the people."

La elección de los sistemas de proyección para mostrar este seleccionado y cuidado contenido fue también muy estudiada, y los equipos Titan WUXGA 3D de Digital Projection cumplían el objetivo de crear esta experiencia en los visitantes para que si se sintieran como si estuvieran de pie en la misma Plaza de San Pedro viendo su elección como Papa y otros eventos cruciales de su vida.

Santuario-San - jpablo-ii

Estos compactos proyectores de 3 chips y 20.000 lúmenes cada uno, con resolución de 1.920×1.200p, relación de aspecto de 16:10 y contraste de 2.000:1, cuentan con tecnología de calibración ColorMax para ofrecer una alta calidad de imagen, “con capacidad warp y edge blending para tratar con una pantalla curvada y envolvente de 180º y manejar superficies y geometrías inusuales, con una alta calidad de imagen y fiabilidad para cumplir todos los requisitos especiales de este espectáculo”.

In another room, visitors have the possibility of further information, details, and other video and audio files can be viewed through a multi-touch interactive table, a large videowall configured with six screens LCD Clarity Matrix of Planaras well as several architectural and interactive video panels with 3D and luminosity of the Mosaic model from the same manufacturer.

Santuario-San - jpablo-ii

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By • 2 Dec, 2016
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