This religious center has decided to renew its lighting systems with Led technology, according to the project made by the designer Nate Nohling, which has installed 156 units of the Led bar with rotation continuous 360 ° Pan and Tilt Elation ACL 360 Bar.

Eagle brook church elation professional

The project carried out by Nate Nohling lighting designer in downtown Eagle Brook Church, consisting of six campuses located in the U.S. city of Minneapolis, is based on 156 units of ACL 360 Bar of Elationoffering a visual uniformity in services in each of these areas is offered daily in addition to creative options.

"For new lighting design - explains Nohling - the priority has been getting visual impact. We have searched for devices that were flexible and provide resources to get lighting designs that surprise attendees that attend religious services and ACL 360 Bar has been the most competitive set price point, quality of projection and the variety of effects that we can get."

elation-acl-360-barThe company Monkey Wrench Productions It has been responsible for the installation of these 156 units of the Led bar of Elation, "a very special project for the selected device type, more according to concert tours and clubs than to religious centers, and by the number of units installed in six enclosures different", says Scott Set, responsible for this company.

This bar Led with continuous rotation 360 ° Pan and Tilt (sold on the Spanish market by) visualsvisuals) has seven RGBW Led from 15 watts of power (for a total of 105V and with individual control over each pixel), as well as lenses Advanced Collimator of 4° to provide a big impact for all types of spaces and projects, compatible with the light control ArtNet and Klingnet protocols.

Eagle brook church elation professionalIn this sense, Nohling says that "due to the number of installed units and control systems that we are using, the capacity of this device directly receive ArtNet signal and send it to other units with its connector ArtNet Out has been fundamental, both by its functionality by the cost savings involved use only Cat-5 cable for this installation and not having to buy nodes".

Another advantage is the individual control over each pixel, "the team of Illuminators does not give great flexibility and creative possibilities for these religious services, with a few lighting designs ranging from dynamic programming and" spectacular to others where devices are static and projecting a single color on the stage".

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By • 9 Dec, 2016
• Section: Study cases, illumination