Amptown System Company uses eighteen spotlights of 12,000 lumens each manufacturer Panasonic to create a screen, from the floor to the ceiling, which allows to generate all kinds of scenes as background in innovative entertainment on board for space passengers travelling on the Royal Caribbean chain luxury boats.

The world of cruise ships has undergone a makeover in recent times; a transformation that has gone from a floating residence for older people to become an attraction full of innovative activities for everyone and in which Visual, multimedia and robotic technologies play a fundamental role.

The cruise company Royal Caribbean has been one of the first to lead this digital transformation on Board of modern boats range Quantum Class, where passengers have access to a wide selection of activities, sports, games and entertainment to meet the comfort, leisure and entertainment of all age and interest groups.

To the Quantum of the cruises Seas and Anthem of the Seas was recently joined this year Ovation of the Seas. Each ship has sixteen covers for guests; 2,090 staterooms, including 1.570 373 interiors, all with high-tech virtual balconies with balcony (additional information at) Digital AV Magazine).

The commitment to high quality on-board entertainment materializes in this new boat with the creation of Two70, a large room MLM of the boat, which can accommodate 540 guests, in which entertainment and the latest audiovisual technology form a tandem perfect during the voyage, combining the comfort of a cozy lounge overlooking the sea and spectacular live shows and digital scenes at night in the morning.

"The technology that we use here - points Richard Fain, Chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises-, cost more than the first boat of the company". Example and a key element of Two70 is Vistarama, a mapping with video projection of the floor to ceiling, with systems of Panasonicwhich allows to create all kinds of scenes, real or imagined, as background.

To achieve this, Vistarama combines eighteen high brightness projectors to create an incredible screen, 30 meters wide and 6 tall, with 12K resolution. Furthermore, a set of six screens of ABB Roboticscalled RoboScreens, which measure more than 2 meters high and are controlled by powerful robotic arms, that create scenes as they soar or turn alone or together to provide representations surprise.

The creative possibilities of Vistarama and the Roboscreens (details of this facility in this daily) come alive through Andy Flessas, organizer of robots and general director of Robotic Arts, and digital content developed exclusively for Royal Caribbean by known multimedia Studio based in Montreal (Canada) Moment Factory.

"We firmly believe, like Royal Caribbean, combining technology with live performances is the future. "Actions live will greatly improve with the use of technology, as well as through the creation of these incredible 'vistaramas' and exclusive content", says Simon Lupini, Moment Factory producer.

As explains Leif Witte, general manager of the company's German integration Amptown System Companyresponsible for interconnect technology media and entertainment cruises multinational Quantum class boats, "the technological vision of Two70 lies with Christopher Vlassopulos, Royal Caribbean." In his mind the windows seemed to offer the Fund more technical, and thanks to their collaboration and the Panasonic and multimedia systems of cooluxWe found a way of integrating the projectors perfectly in the architectural environment that has given rise to a show on board without equal until now."

This company was responsible for installing eighteen projectors model Panasonic DZ21K2 Evo, of 20,000 lumens each, "because they are sufficiently small, bright and quiet to create the joint suitable for this type of theatre and was the" perfect solution for this project", emphasizes Witte.

Using the new and powerful actual movement of Panasonic, which offers a speed of 120 Hz drive, the company has adjusted optical engine of the Evo series to improve the performance of approach in order to improve the clarity of the images all with a housing extremely compact.

"Reliability is very important, because the room is used throughout the day and there is a show every night, which limits to a large measure idle time - Witte - says." Panasonic projectors play a large role in ensuring the reliability of the solution, and so far, we have not had any problems. We needed that maintenance will not affect the mapping, so we design and develop a system of special Assembly to each projector that allows technical team to change filters and lamps in a simple way, without changing the position of the teams, that they fit into place with millimetric precision".

Amptown System Company responsible for also adds that there is only a small distance between the back of the robots and the screen, so we use short distance ET-D75LE6 Panasonic goals and thus ensure that we could create an image of 12K on the screen. It is very realistic, the marine landscapes and Nocturnes are incredibly real looking".

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By • 28 Dec, 2016
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