Two of the franchises in this country have been equipped with menu board system is configured with professional LFD screens and media player SMP-SMP-6000 and 8000.

Over the past decade, the food and beverage industry has been implementing electronic menu panels to optimize labor resources and provide less attention to customers. Larger chains have embraced digital signage to increase their brand image.

This has been the case of McDonald's has been implementing different solutions in its stores worldwide. It has more than 36,600 branches in 119 countries and about 500 are in the Philippines, and the vast majority of its establishments offer menu boards to serve its customers, becoming one of the most important areas to communicate with them.

In partnership with the integrator Mediacast, Cayin He has participated in the implementation of these digital signage solutions in two of the franchises that McDonald's has in the Philippines. For this project has provided its SMP-SMP-6000 and 8000 systems as well as professional LFD screens to configure the videowall of 1 × 4.

Estos display, que se encuentran ubicados en la parte superior de la zona de mostradores, sirven para mostrar las ofertas y promociones de los productos, ofreciendo una óptima visibilidad.

Los contenidos son alimentados a través de los reproductores multimedia, que permiten programar la información con horarios automatizados, de forma que los empleados ya no tienen que encargarse de ir actualizando las promociones y cambiar los menús del desayuno y el almuerzo.

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By • 1 Feb, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display