Considered the largest held to date in Spain, this audiovisual journey has been the starting gun of the activities that have been organized to commemorate the 400 years of the emblematic Madrid plaza. A show of 360 ° for which 24 projectors, which have offered a capacity of 880,000 lumens, 40 light bulbs and eight sound towers throughout the perimeter have pointed out.

This weekend the Plaza Mayor of Madrid has gown of light and color to celebrate its Centennial IV. Among the activities organized the City of Madrid to commemorate this anniversary has been a videomapping 360, accompanied by a soundtrack created for the occasion by composer Ruben Kielmannsegge.

According to the organisers, this is the largest mapping has been performed to date in our country. On a surface of 5,750 square meters have been projected images that made a tour through the history of this century-old square. Since the end of the 16th out a small lake on the outskirts of the village, where the monarchs hunted ducks, through its use as a market of the city in the 16th and the configuration of the square in the 17TH. A square which has experienced various coronations, including the beatification of San Isidro, and Baroque festivals, has suffered fires that forced its reconstruction at the end of the 18th century, goyesco celebrations and has been protagonist of the executions carried out during the Inquisition.

The concept of this immersive spectacle has been devised by Delia Piccirilli, artistic director of the program of the IV centenary of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, while the production of the event has been in charge of Oscar Teston, director of Grass Cinema and creator of Vjspain, which has proposed a tour through the history of the square over the past four hundred years, which is also the history of the city of varoma have collaborated on the project as artistic directors Diana Jusdado and Miguel Romera.

For the implementation of this visual and sound, show that it has been projected on the four facades of the plaza with a duration of 18 minutes, has arranged a wide equipment for projection and video that has been supplied by flight BNC, composed of more than twenty projectors of Ship (20 HDQ - 2 K 40 of 40,000 lumens and 4 HDX-W20 of 20,000 lumens). These have enabled display images on a frontage measuring 124 × 90 meters with a resolution of work 20.500 × 1.440 pixels. In total, the power of the projection light has been 880,000 lumens.

40 hot spots were stacked to combine this spectacle of light and sound, in the central structure of the square Clay Paky Mythos and has been used a table of control Grand MA2 to manage it.

To ensure an optimum level of sound pressure, estimated between 103 and 104 db throughout the area of the public, have been installed different teams of d&b audiotechnik: 24 J8, 20 Q-1, four Q7 and 28 J-SUB. The aim was to achieve a sound effect of 360 ° and so were eight sound towers spread along the perimeter of the square.

Both installed in the plaza sound surround system and the lighting was provided by audiovisual Fluge.

To manage this infrastructure AV's have made use of two servers of D3 Technologies 4 × 4 pro + D3 and a network installed in fiber optic ring, of 600 meters in length and 8 nodes, that has been responsible for the transport of the signal, both of the audio, video as communications.
According to the organisers, this event 180,000 watts of video, 50,000 sound and lighting 18.800 have been consumed.

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By • 20 Feb, 2017
• Section: Audio, Study cases, Control, OUTSTANDING, illumination, Projection, networking