The project, which just got underway in Barcelona, allows users to use the application of Cabify to apply for your transport vehicle, enjoy during their journeys of tourist information in real time, and other digital services, such as a translator voice in seven languages, thanks to the platform developed by the startup Spanish CarMedia Solutions. In addition, the contents are georeferenced to adapt to the area through which they pass.

Samsung Y Cabify they have come together to offer a digital solution that accompanies visitors on their routes by the city of Barcelona. The first result of this collaboration, which will add others throughout the year, has been the integration of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablets with the platform of CarMedia Solutions in the fleet of cars of Cabify, offering multimedia content customers, tourist information in real time, and other digital services, as a translator for voice in seven languages.

Cabify is an app with which it is possible to apply for a car ride with driver to go to the requested destination. This is one of the first innovations this firm will offer during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.

"Cabify was born under the philosophy make cities a better place to live and today continues to be our main objective. "We want to educate users about the current challenges in mobility offering them an alternative the most personalized and satisfactory as possible so that, together, we are able to reduce the use of the private car", says Oriol Sanleandro, general manager of Cabify Barcelona.

The pilot of this project just got underway in Barcelona, and will be present during the days of the fair. Until March 5, customers who request one from Cabify vehicles can access various multimedia information and entertainment on board, with continuously updated videos and content available in multiple languages. These contents will be able to view them on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) tablet which has been installed in the vehicle's headrests.

The contents are referenced according to the place where the car moves allowing users enjoy videos related to those tourist spots where the car is moving and discover the most emblematic sites to be move around the city.

This is complemented by a series of services that leverage the potential of the 4G connectivity of high speed, cloud computing and various digital tools based on algorithms of artificial intelligence, such as speech recognition with translator that allows the driver of Cabify talking with foreign customers.

With a size of 10.1 inches, the tablet Galaxy Tab A (2016) highlighted by multitasking capabilities and personalization, with different profiles of user and safe for children, its expandable memory up to 200 GB and easy connection with the TV and the smartphone from the user thanks to Quick Connect and SideSync.

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By • 23 Feb, 2017
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