It will display an intelligent accessory to help people with visual disabilities (Reluminio), glasses that allow you to use phones and PC without monitor (Monitorless), a solution of virtual reality for the market of sale of furniture (VuildUs) and a platform for 360 ° for the tourism sector (traVRer).

This year, augmented and virtual reality will be the protagonists of the Mobile World Congress, which will open its doors next Monday in Fira de Barcelona, and Samsung Electronics want to take advantage of this scenario to present the recent projects developed by its incubator for startups, created four years ago, C-Labs.

Within the framework of the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) will showcase an accessory smart to help people with visual impairment (Reluminio), glasses that allow to use phones and PC without monitor (Monitorless), a virtual reality solution for the market of sale of furniture (VuildUs) and a platform for 360 ° for travel (traVRer).

Relumino is an application developed for the VR Gear, allowing people with visual disabilities to read books and watch TV with new levels of clarity. This technology has the ability to reassign the blind spots through the movement of images and uses an Amlser network graph to correct distorted images due to the metamorphosis.

Monitorless is a solution of virtual and augmented reality of remote control that allows you to use devices such as smart phones and PC without a monitor. The solution consists of a pair of special glasses, which resemble regular sunglasses, and allow you to see the contents of devices such as smart phones and computers. It is suitable for use both with augmented as virtual reality and work thanks to Crystal chrome electro adjusting opacity to the environment.

VuildUs is an application of Interior design that allows you to see how a room with furniture that you want to buy before buying them would be. It consists of a camera's depth of 360 degrees and a mobile application for VR-compatible devices.

The user connects both devices and scans the stay with the camera. With these data is a virtual recreation of how would the room in 3D. This solution eliminates the need to measure the space before you buy furniture, since it allows them as they would fit in real time.

traVRer is a platform for video 360 degrees with which users experience virtual tours in a very realistic way before or after them. It offers the possibility of switching between different videos to move in different directions or see the place at a specific time of the day without having to navigate through the menus of alternative options.

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By • 24 Feb, 2017
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