With system HighLite Laser which has been installed in the Simulation Hub has achieved is a projection totally surround laser from eight meters in diameter (18.8 meters wide) with a curvature of 240 degrees.

The Australian University of Macquarie It is a Center committed to the interactivity and simulation design. Therefore, that two years ago it has a laboratory of Virtual reality (Virtual Realit Lab - VR Lab) which is located in the Simulation Hub. It is a space where there is installed a series of devices simulation which serve as the object of research for a wide range of disciplines.

When the University decided to update this space display system, he went to VRSpace (now GHD) to install a projection system completely surround laser eight meters in diameter (18.8 meters wide) and a curvature of 240 degrees. Team that was chosen is the HighLite Laser of Digital Projection that was provided by Amber Technology. With its solid state light source, a resolution WUXGA 1.920 × 1, 200 and a 13,000 lumens brightness, is capable of producing more than 20,000 hours of lighting.

The aim to update this room was to provide a solution of screening 3D-capable of high performance and allow that participants in the laboratory could be completely immersed in the virtual research environment. A high level of immersion that had already been in space had VR Lab before moving in 2015 to the Simulation Hub, using a projection screen front curve which provided a peripheral vision of 160 degrees and projected on a dig in stereo (fr AME sequential stereo) to simulate the depth of the 3D virtual environment.

For the new environment they were looking for a total immersion with a 240-degree viewing angle. And to achieve this they needed a solution to screening of high resolution that would provide images on a large scale. HighLite Laser was the response to these requirements by providing a cylindrical panoramic view of 18.8 meters.

The installation also includes other technologies such as 3D Positional audio and a cybernetic glove.
"This update has been very important to the University because that allows us to move forward with our investigation and provide relevant knowledge to our students. The new VR system is designed to be multifunctional and adaptable and now there are many projects that are using this space,"explains John Porte, technical support specialist at Macquarie University.

The laboratory is used by the research group of the Viewer (Virtual and Interactive Simulations of Reality) which has a long history in interdisciplinary research.

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By • 13 Mar, 2017
• Section: Study cases, OUTSTANDING, Training, Projection, Simulation