504 D-Cell and DigiMod modules, Innovox will optimize the design of its solutions getting to occupy less space as possible while providing powerful and crisp audio for a wide variety of environments and applications support Visual displays, religious centers, theaters and auditoriums.

Innovox Audio you have selected the amplification modules of Powersoft 504 d-Cell and DigiMod for use in your modular AV speakers Flex Synergy and line hybrid arrays of the HLA family given their sound quality, integration DSP and compact form factor.

Innovox firm focuses its activity on the development of loudspeakers for applications support Visual displays as well as religious centers, theaters and auditoriums small and medium. Modules that has just added will help it to achieve its design goals, allowing to occupy less space as possible while providing powerful and crisp audio to a wide variety of environments.

"The capabilities of Powersoft amplifiers are in synergy with our design priorities. The sound quality is the key determining factor when choosing an amplifier for our speakers and amplification modules stand out in this regard. In addition, its compact footprint helps to minimize the size of the package for the provision of power, allowing system integrators to obtain optimal functional location with the line of the HLA family in any architectural environment and allows us to make all the amplification required to give power to our Flex Synergy systems fit within the unit itself,"explains Chris Oswood, founder of Innovox.

Flex Synergy

Flex Synergy system is a modular, corporate AV solution that allows a variety of customizable components, including compact high frequency of Ribbon drivers of low frequency and mini subwoofers Innovox can be combined in a device style frame. The frame can be subject to a screen and with the size appropriate to adapt to different uses.

Some applications have included walls and screens upward of 9 meters wide. Powersoft 504 D-Cell modules are installed within the frame giving a package of provision of separate audio and are accessible to technicians through a removable front Grill without uninstalling.

"The intelligibility of speech is of critical importance in these applications, since they are frequently linked to video conferencing solutions, and Powersoft amplification is perfectly combined with our proprietary design of speakers to allow listeners decode the complex information presented", says Oswood.

HLA: arrays for speeches

The family of loudspeakers HLA covers the markets of theatres, auditoriums and religious centers, major environments for which the company designed speakers. Here the high output and clarity of DigiMod of Powersoft amplifiers are critical to the success of the designs.

As with the Flex Synergy line, the intelligibility of speech remains a key concern. The HLA family uses own Innovox speaker technology, presenting varieties of compact midrange drivers, even more refined with the DSP embedded within its Powersoft modules and their high frequency of tape drivers.

All Innovox speaker lines are built to measure, allowing the company to select the module based on the application and budget of project. "With the HLA family we use DigiMod 3004 more frequently, with 4 DSP and DSP D depending on performance requirements," adds Oswood.

Harmony software

Harmony of Powersoft software Innovox provides additional tools to maximize the performance of your speakers considering speech applications.

"Harmony is a powerful and flexible platform that allows us to ensure that our speakers are optimised to provide sound for speeches. The ability to preload our presets custom in the DSP of Powersoft before delivering the speaker ensures optimum performance and intelligibility, even in small facilities that may not have access to a dedicated expert to refine the system in situ", explained Oswood.

Innovox can manufacture its units as passive speakers for use with rack Powersoft amplifiers, preloading amplifiers rack with precise presets on harmony used in its modules to ensure the same performance-ready to use.

"The form factor and DSP are amazing resources of Powersoft amplification, but basically everything boils down to the quality of the sound," says said Oswood

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By • Mar 16, 2017
• Section: Audio, AV Conferencing