Panasonic PT-RZ31K of 31,000 lumens and three boat 40K, which merged with more than 800 lighting fixtures 24 laser projectors were used for the staging of this celebration. Together they provided a spectacle of 800,000 ANSI lumens, which resulted in a total resolution of 17 400 × 2.160 pixels.

Built on the banks of the river Elbe about 1,700 pillars of reinforced concrete, the Elbe Philharmonic is a modern building complex that combines three auditoriums, a hotel, 45 private apartments and the square, a public space that provides an omni-directional view of the city.

The central component of these facilities is currently also one of the most prominent structural projects in Europe, a world-class Auditorium separated from the rest of the infrastructure to ensure excellent acoustics.

PRG XL Video supplied a wide range of technical equipment, on behalf of the global agency Jung von Matt, and was in charge of communications. The team developed a specific algorithm for the occasion that translated music performed by the NDR Orchestra of the Elbe Philharmonic conducted by Thomas Hengelbrock. The combination of music and light created an impressive visual spectacle in the outer walls of the new cultural reference in the port.

For this project a total of 27 projectors were used with more than 800,000 ANSI lumens of light, which resulted in a total resolution of 17 400 × 2.160 pixels. These were combined with more than 800 lighting fixtures.

Jerry Appelt developed the lighting design for the event with the help of PRG Best Boys, Icon Beams and Clay Paky Mythos, in addition to using more than 500 Led lights SGM.

The Office Planning Hamburg, Beacon, was responsible for managing the production; While Entertainment Technology Concepts)ETC), Laserfabrik Y Kolnton they were also involved in the development of the event.

"Took us the technical implementation of the multimedia show. The job was to create a video projection on three sides of the Auditorium of the Philharmonic of the Elbe and use more than 800 moving lights", says Michael Casper, account director for PRG.

Video content was created by the Agency of design Offenbach Madhat and projected laser Panasonic PT-RZ31K of 31,000 in the walls with 24 teams, as well as three boat 40 K.

"We installed 6 towers. Each of them included three projectors laser RZ31K of Panasonic, which were used for the first time here. The system as a whole is connected via optical fiber and servers were stacked in a container from which it controlled all function mapping, etc., and the design on the wall", explains Marco Dunker, project manager of PRG video.

Available in WUXGA and SXGA + resolutions, the PT-RZ31K series offers models with more brightness of the Panasonic range, with a very compact and light housing that includes inside technology laser Solid Shine. In normal operation mode, this equipment is designed to operate 20,000 hours without maintenance.

"It is a very high profile and prestigious project, and are pleased that Panasonic projectors could contribute their bit to make it so special." The launch of projectors laser high gloss, as the RZ31K model, allows reduce the complexity and cost of this type of events, since it reduces the number of necessary equipment make mapping projections to a large area", says Hartmut Kulessa, Director of Marketing for Panasonic Europe.

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By • 29 Mar, 2017
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