With a sales area of ​​2,000 square meters, the newly opened megastore in the capital Madrid incorporates technologies such as digital testers, e-ticket, payment functionality PayGo Shazam app or In-Store. With these projects, the company seeks to step forward in improving the customer experience.

La compañía dedicada al diseño, fabricación y comercialización de prendas de vestir y complementos, Mango, ha inaugurado recientemente una nueva tienda en Madrid. Situada en una de las mejores ubicaciones de la capital, ha abierto su nueva flagship store en la calle Serrano número 60. Recuperando la disposición original de edificio, el local cuenta con una superficie de venta de 2.000 metros cuadrados y está dividido en cuatro plantas que albergan las líneas Woman, Man y Kids.

This shop is a sample of architecture and interior concept of the company is implemented in its stores and reflects the personality of the brand. Its goal is to unify all the lines in one broader and dynamic space, improving the customer experience.

This new space is integrated into a line of megastores that are designed for comfort and enjoyment of customers in a dynamic environment result of the harmonization of space, allowing improved customer experience with large and bright shops where you can see better collections, plus more easily pick and try the garments.

La decoración interior se basa en el uso de muebles refinados con toques de terciopelo y cuero, así como de elementos de mármol, cemento, madera y piedra natural. Además, el local tiene un jardín interior al que se puede acceder desde la tienda, y que exhibe una instalación permanente de maniquís colocados dentro de urnas de cristal.

But not everything is design in these new spaces but the technology is also a key element in Mango are betting for its new outlets incorporating solutions such as digital testers, e-ticket, payment functionality PayGo and app Shazam In-Store. Also, the newly opened megastore Serrano has WiFi and a specific area for Click & Collect.

Technologies e-Ticket and digital tester are two of the projects that Mango is implementing to take a step forward in improving the customer experience.

The digital ticket offers customers the ability to receive e-mail ticket purchase you made in store, allowing expedite any eventual subsequent management without presenting cash receipt form (exchange, return, etc.).

In addition to the store Serrano, this project is already implemented in eleven 11 Spanish establishments in Madrid, Barcelona and Zaragoza, and two in London. Gradually be extended to more outlets in Spain and the UK, and other markets such as France and Germany.

For its part, the digital tester, a project that has been developed together with the company JogotechIt consists of a touch screen installed in the mirror testers, and works by scanning the barcode of products. It is a solution that provides two functions.

On the one hand, it allows the customer to see information about clothing (sizes, colors, stock available and suggestions to complete the look); and secondly, it serves to contact the shop staff and make requests of garments without having to leave the tester. Store staff receives requests through a smartwatch to meet the needs of customers more agile.

The In-Store Shazam app lets you connect via the platform Mango playlists and choose songs that sound in the store. Mood Media the company has been responsible for leading the project at Mango outlets. The application also provides information about special collections and brand promotions.

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By • 29 Mar, 2017
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