This European project is studying the possibilities of binaural audio in virtual reality applications, music and video games. The research will provide a complete solution of software and hardware for sound designers, music producers and artists.

The European project Binaural Tools for the Creative Industries (Binci) is developing an integrated software and hardware that facilitates the production, postproduction and distribution of immersive content 3D audio solution, the result can be tested in an experimental audioguide to the Opera Garnier in France and Die Pinakotheken in Germany.

The consortium carrying out the project, framed in Horizonte2020, is formed by the Technology Center of Catalonia (Eurecat), Antenna, Head Acoustics, 3D Sound Labs Y Voodoopop.

Audiovisual Technologies director of Eurecat, Adan Garriga, believes that the project "will provide a complete solution of software and hardware for sound designers, music producers and artists, especially in the field of small businesses and entrepreneurs."

According to calculations of the project, Binci integrated approach would have a significant impact on the turnover of the creative industries. In this sense, only with the production of binaural 3D content for audio guides in international cultural and tourist sites it is estimated that this solution can generate annually 10 to 20 million euros in direct and indirect business for companies in the sector.

It will also allow the creation of immersive 3D binaural music and other binaural content for interactive applications linked to virtual reality, augmented reality and video games.

Garriga believes that 3D audio "is a new trend emerging creative based on the concept that the sound is composed of a given space, where sound flows around the listener. In 3D music, movement of sounds, melodies and rhythms through space will change both the processes of creative production and musical experiences of the listener "so that" the space will become a new expressive language for artists and listeners " .

To this end, the solutions developed and experimental productions created with immersive 3D audio environments will be tested in real validation in order to prepare the way for exploitation in the market.

content binaural

Binci will focus on demonstrating its robustness and scalability to address different productions binaural content from the perspective of the professional end user, gathering around the project to a group of audio producers who will participate in testing tools and workflows.

Also take into account the market and the prospect of the final consumer by creating experimental productions to be screened and tested in cultural and tourist sites with real visitors, such as the Opera Garnier and Die Pinakotheken.

According to the researcher, the binaural audio "is considered the next standard for virtual reality applications, music and video games," so the purpose of Binci is to provide tools for small and medium enterprises in the European creative sector to " binaural lead the next revolution for 3D audio content. "

The Binci project will develop, among other things, systems profitable binaural measurement, a digital tool for creating music 3D player binaural content on mobile devices, specialized headphones to listen to this kind of sound and a series of audio samples and 3D binaural music and productions resulting from tests and testing audio professionals.

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By • 18 Apr, 2017
• Section: Audio, Production, Simulation