Some of the solutions included in the agreement are screens digital signage software with face detection, which allow present to the public related advertising to their profile, or heat maps (heatmaps), which provide information to retailers about preferences the users.

Beabloo has signed an agreement with mobile Internet company specializing in solutions for retailers, R-VisionTo implement smart shops in China, bringing the Catalan company will increase its activity in China.

R-Vision aplicará la tecnología de Beabloo en los productos de su división R+, concebidos para la creación de tiendas inteligentes. Con sede en Shanghái, R-Vision proporciona a empresas de retail herramientas basadas en el uso de dispositivos móviles conectados, que les permiten gestionar, agilizar y evaluar sus operaciones diarias (digitalización y actualización de inventarios, comunicación entre tiendas, acciones de marketing digital…).

La integración de la tecnología de analítica de Beabloo a los productos R+ permitirá a los retailers conocer mejor a sus clientes, anticiparse a sus necesidades y situarlos en el centro de toda su estrategia comercial. Su software y hardware permiten satisfacer las expectativas sociales, de entretenimiento y de compra de los consumidores chinos, lo que se traduce en un incremento directo de las adquisiciones en el punto de venta.

"Despite the enormous growth of online shopping and the high penetration of smartphones, Chinese consumers continue to value much the ability to touch the product, so that physical stores will never disappear. However, in such a competitive ecosystem, the success of a retailer depends on its ability to offer shopping experiences that integrate online and offline worlds, "Portell, CEO of Beabloo explains.

In this context, the smart shopping malls -Centers equipped with Omnichannel technology, in which digital and physical environments are interconectados- have been confirmed as a successful model in China.

Some of the solutions included in the agreement, and ensure a satisfactory shopping experience O2O (online to offline) are screens digital signage software with face detection, which allow present to the public related advertising to their profile, or maps heat (heatmaps), which provide valuable information to retailers about the preferences of users when moving through the property.

Analytical solutions Beabloo big data play a key role in the collaborative project. The aggregate data obtained through offline analytics tools help companies improve their retail product offering, sales volume, quality of service and other areas of your strategy.

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By • 24 Apr, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Display, Business