Considered by the company as "the best innovation in the world of lighting" and presented at the recent celebration of Prolight + Sound 2017, the company introduced the first systems of this line: the LS1 and LS-Core console, which uses the same hardware as the first but without controls.

The participation of Work Pro in this event recently held in the German city of Frankfurt, he has been starring his LightShark project, a lighting software that, unlike what exists so far, is not installed on a PC or be fully operated from a console, which is a new concept in such systems.

LightShark is a web-based system, so that from any device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) can operate with software that is built in, whose first model is called the serial console LS-1.

This first Work Pro system, whose products distributed Equipson in the Iberian market, it has playbacks faders, flash buttons, encoders, etc; and a screen of 4.7 "that interacts with the processor, while simultaneously via WiFi this graphical interface and power of a touch screen monitor on another device.

Thus several advantages:

  • No need to install any application on your PC or tablet, as these are connected to the console via web.
  • The graphics power monitors develops PC or tablet, leaving only the console DMX processing work.
  • The console operates independently of the PC or tablet and although the WiFi connection is lost, it is fully operational.
  • You can connect up to three monitors with three different screens via web.
  • With up to eight DMX universes, LightShark provides enough power to carry out small and medium events.

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By • Apr 26, 2017
• Section: Events, illumination