Involve the audience with the brand and its products is the aim of five devices that the company has developed for this media player and whose functions are based on different sensors of movement and proximity that enable content custom.

Videotel'a It has developed five peripherals that make an interactive team VP71XD digital signage player. These solutions offer the audience the possibility of triggering engaging content in five ways: Push, Move, Sense, Wave and Elevate.

The first of these solutions that Videotel'a has unveiled is Elevate, which looks for the interaction with the audience through a weight sensor that is activated when the user lifts a lighted platform product, showing relevant information about it and giving passage to an area of interactive applications.

Push triggers content through a few Led buttons, available in a variety of colors and sizes. When the user presses them starts the content. Allows you to trigger a single video file or several and each associated with a particular button.

Wave activates content to shake your hand or object near a proximity sensor displays it on a screen. This sensor can be installed under any surface, regardless of its material with the exception of metal and with a thickness of up to three inches.

This digital signage solution including USB, SD card, HDMI cable, power supply, and proximity Wave2Play sensor.

Move is also based on a motion sensor that detects between 30 cm and 6.5 meters. The scroll function is customizable to activate the content.

Finally, Sense detects the human away from a screen or a zone. Creates an active beam so it can play content and lure a user to a screen, increasing dwell time and showing a message when it comes out of the area of the beam. Its smart sensor allows you to play different content depending on the proximity.

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By • 15 May, 2017
• Section: Control, Digital signage, Display, signs distribution, dynamic Advertising