In the center of Science and Technology is welcomed visitors with a semi-cylindrical video whose contents are displayed on a projection surface of 22 × 5 meters thanks to two 3-chip DLP systems HIGHlite; equipment is also being used in the auditorium for a retractable screen 8 x 7 meters.

The new public library Alexis de Tocqueville in Caen la Mer (France), opened earlier this year, it has been designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). The building, shaped like a cross of St. Andrew and a facade in which transparent and opaque glass alternate, home to more than one million works and is organized around four themes: art, literature, science and technology, and human Sciences.

With an area of ​​11,700 square meters, including 5,800 square meters open to the public, this landmark cultural center houses an auditorium for conferences, exhibitions and reading rooms, a restaurant and a cafeteria, as well as areas for management and restoration.

Specialized in stage design for theaters, concert halls, museums and exhibitions agency, dUCKS scéno, Created backdrops for different spaces. This company has worked with major architectural firms in the scenic design of projects such as the Lyon Opera, the Expo 2000 in Hanover, auditoriums Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris.

For the project library Tocqueville, teams have been deployed to various areas of scenic designs, including audiovisual systems, lighting, projection videowall and structure of the auditorium stage.

Audiovisual integration was managed by Auvisys, A company based in Caen specialized in museums, events, education and meeting rooms. "We completed this project in two months, as well as take care of cabling and network," explains Christophe Vallée, sales manager of the company.

At the heart of the library, the Center for Science and Technology (Science & Technologies), is welcomed visitors with a semi-cylindrical video. This part of the project presented significant challenges due to the size of the projection surface (22 × 5 meters) and the special characteristics of ambient light you have the room, which is surrounded by a large glass roof.

Auvisys opted for ceiling mount two 3-chip DLP projectors HIGHlite of Digital Projection with which offers a breathtaking panorama. These teams were chosen for their resolution, image quality, brightness and low maintenance thanks to the laser light source option.

"For this project, the laser was a better choice than conventional lamps due to the long life of the equipment, which was a key element. Laser technology is ideal for blending of images due to uniformity in white offered. It also reduces the additional cost of the lamps, regular maintenance of the products and the need to calibrate the video projection whenever an action is required "explains Christophe Vallée.

The content is managed by a media server Module PiWhich it allows for optimum uniformity thanks to warping and blending functions.

Projection motorized platform

In the new 150-seat auditorium, Auvisys also selected a projector HIGHlite series, which has been installed on a motorized platform at the back of the room, and provides the contents to a retractable screen eight meters long seven wide. The equipment is supplied with HDBaseT, using a DTP system Extron linked to several sources (Blu-ray player, computer, etc.).

“Fue especialmente importante para nosotros respetar las características de este espacio que es muy transparente. El equipo audiovisual está colgado del techo para permitir que la fachada de cristal esté libre de cualquier elemento técnico . Se instaló una cortina motorizada con propiedades de sonido y apagado para aislar el auditorio desde el exterior”, comenta Amélie Chassériaux, project manager de dUCKS scéno.

Lectures and presentations can be broadcast live throughout the building and on the YouTube channel of the city of Caen. Dante audio network allows the conference auditorium spread to all the library modules through broadcasting. Furniture available in free access are also equipped with a screen and a sound system while a console invites visitors to watch movies and various multimedia content.

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By • 16 May, 2017
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