Suitable for use with large format screens in rooms of conferences or presentations, as well as fixed installations at auditoriums or for the transmission of live events; This mixer allows to switch videos with different resolutions at the same time.

Roland V800HD MK II

Roland Professional a/v will present at InfoComm 2017 a version Mark II updated their video switcher multi-format V-800HD, which includes new specific switches to AUX source that improve the visibility and use, as well as an interface with a renewed and stylized design.

Developed from feedback from end users and system designers, the V-800HD MK II incorporates an advanced Keyer that allows to adjust the phase range, level of chroma and other parameters based on the color space HSV, closely linked with the chromatic human feeling, giving compositions of great quality and well defined Key, especially with 1080 p video sources.

Roland V800HD MK II

The Roland V-800HD MK II is a video switcher multi-format with a specific climber for each input, allowing you to switch videos with different resolutions at the same time. Types are supported virtually all analog and digital input video or computer format, and climbers of output you can use a direct connection with Led walls without using scaling external devices. An integrated HDMI multivisor offers a convenient monitoring solution.

In addition to video channels, you have two channels for still images, which are charged by USB memory or frame capture. Ten assignable video crossing points allow you to reorder the channel buttons. The Multi-Zoom function can be activated when a video input is internally shared with up to three more entries. Each entry scaler can zoom to any position of the video image so it seems that there are more cameras connected, creating a virtual multi-camera environment.

The V-800HD MK II is a very suitable switch for use with displays of large-format presentations / conference rooms, as well as permanent installations in auditoriums, corporate or environments for the transmission of live events.

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By • 9 Jun, 2017
• Section: Audio, Control, Display, signs distribution