With the denomination of Sfear, researchers at the technology centre Eurecat (member of Tecnio) show, until next June 16 in this event in Barcelona, this breakthrough that enables the sound to react to the movement of the head.

Eurecat Sfear

The Technology Center Eurecat (member of Tecnio) presents these days in Barcelona, in the international event of creativity, innovation and digital culture Sonar+d, its new immersive 3D audio technology and interactive SFEAR, which allows the sound to react to the movement of the head.

"In sonar+d present the tools of music production with 3D sound immersive we have developed in the past year, with the added value that are fully interactive - explains the director of audiovisual technologies of Eurecat, Adan Garriga-, so" artists and producers can see how they work."

Sfear technology will soon be released, in order to "provide tools of sound 3D immersive for the production, post-production and music with headphones the music industry", says Garriga.

In particular, Sfear offers tools for production with headphones and headtracking so "sound responds to the movement of the head of the person who hears it", adds the researcher, at the time that highlights the potential of this technology for create songs and music in three dimensions live sessions, as well as to produce and distribute music and contained audio immersive headphone via mobile devices.

As it points out Garriga, Sfear tools "are compatible with most of the software that use the creative. Now an artist can do 3D music without changing its working system. The 3D sound will be the new standard in the field of audio, as it was the emergence of the stereo sound in the 1950s and the transition from stereo to 5.1 system in the 1980's."

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By • 15 Jun, 2017
• Section: Audio, Events, Training