For the renewal of its solution of digital signage in 66 health centers and its extension to 41 more facilities, the entity has joined Plexus Anblick platform that manages more than 100 networked 42-inch screens.

Plexus Franternidad Muprespa DS

Fraternidad-Muprespamutual collaborating with Social Security, has completed the renewal of its infrastructure of digital signage with 41 new facilities, which has enabled to extend its use to 107 assistance centers within your network. With this communication solution corporate digital has reinforced its informative action directed to the patient.

This solution allows to substitute the use of static posters and displays traditional signalling systems and other devices to emit all sorts of information (news, security advisories, information services for the patient...) in real time and more effectively, thanks to the possibilities of emission of attractive multimedia content and greater visual impact, offering this type of channel.

Plexus Franternidad Muprespa DS

It also means an increase of efficiency and automation within the infrastructure of the Organization, thanks to the main features of this system.

For the renewal of its solution of digital signage in 66 health centers and its extension to 41 more facilities, the entity has opted for the technology of Plexus and, more specifically, by their Anblick digital signage system. This platform is responsible for the management of more than one hundred of networked 42-inch screens.

Both new installations and migrations from the previous system to Abgewohnt, used a screen with integrated miniPC system of Aopen that allows the Elimination of the use of additional cables and equipment in sight.

Plexus technology has joined this network of digital signage a flexible and intuitive content management, as well as the ability to manage and monitor schedules and remote screens. In addition, it has provided the possibility to update content of breaking and include all types of multimedia formats.

Fraternidad-Muprespa has backed Anblick to reinforce its corporate communication strategy, renewed and offering attractive to its users information. For the mutual, the service offered by the Plexus system represents an increase of efficiency and automation of your infrastructure.

Benefits providing Abgewohnt:

  • Management centralized and remote system of posters of 107 health centres.
  • Customized by Center and display information.
  • Possibility of integration with other solutions, such as management shifts.
  • Improvement of the performance of the system.
  • Agility in updating content.
  • Optimization of physical infrastructure.
  • Responsible energy consumption.

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By • 21 Jun, 2017
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