Both entities have reached an agreement, in which the Dutch multinational becomes the official lighting of the renovated facilities of the Benito Villamarín supplier, just as has happened with other important sports venues Spaniards, who debut next season.

Estadio benito villamarín betis philips lighting

Remodeled Stadium Benito Villamarín facilities, office of the Real Betis, they will be with Philips Lighting as official supplier of Betis club lighting, as a result of the agreement between the two entities by which the Dutch manufacturer will equip the playing field of Led systems, as well as some areas in the interior of the Seville Stadium.

This agreement by providing efficient Led lighting to the stadiums joins the recently achieved by Philips Lighting with other football clubs in first Division of the League in Spain, as Atletico Madrid - Wanda Metropolitan (more data in this daily) or the recently signed with Sevilla FC - Ramón Sanchez-Pizjuan (see digital AV).

The common denominator of these Led lighting projects is to improve both the experience of fans - both inside the TV broadcasting, according to the standards of the League and also in 4 K - as the energy efficiency of the enclosure.

Estadio benito villamarín betis philips lightingIn particular, "the new Benito Villamarín lighting is included in a plan for comprehensive reform of the stadium, which will make it the fourth area of Spain, with a capacity of 60,000 people - explained Angel Haro, President of the Real Betis-." We hope that new lighting from Philips Lighting on the pitch will maximize the experience for our fans, both for the quality during matches as thanks to the previous light shows".

Lighting installed in the field of play is based on the Philips ArenaVision Lighting system, offering flexible installation control as well as for creating shows combining light and music, with the installation of 340 Led lights gen2. In addition, eight of the VIP boxes of the stadium will be equipped with the Modular system of the manufacturer, a lighting design made to measure for these exclusive spaces, which in addition to also access to the galleries.

"Light is one of the components that will transform completely the stadium of Real Betis, as well as the new goal South, rebranding or loudspeakers. A renovated House to make the béticos feel proud of it", stressed the President of this club.

In this line, Josep M. Martínez, Chairman of Philips Lighting Spain and Portugal, said that "thanks to the intervention, the Real Betis enters the select group of clubs around the world with cutting-edge lighting for" sports stadiums. We are entering a new way of conceiving the football, where the stadium becomes the player number 13, after 11 holders and fans".

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By • 27 Jun, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Control, illumination