This wireless system is promoting the importance of the sense of smell in any audiovisual format to create an environment immersive and realistic in movie theaters, museums, commercial events, among other applications.

Olorama Technology

Result of more than five years of research and development of Spanish technology, from the design of the software to the manufacturing of devices, Olorama Technologycreated by engineer Valencian Raúl Porcar, creates in the viewer a complete sensory immersion experience, incorporating and combining effectively the smell with the image and the sound.

Each Olorama device is designed to play back up to twelve different aromas in a room of film, event, etc. that last exactly the time necessary to allow a correct synchronization between what is happening on the screen and the smell that perceives the spectator (around a minute on average.

Olorama TechnologyThe real core of this combination of hardware, software and essential oils for the synchronization of odors with scenes from the films in realistic and uniform manner throughout the room, is a program that makes the wireless synchronization of broadcasters of aroma with the different sequences of the film, as well as the manual activation of the different smells in real time via a tablet or smartphone.

Each device cartridges can be changed quickly and easily, and offer around fifty emissions per cartridge. It's scents natural, eco friendly and compliant with the regulations in force, free of allergic and toxic agents so that the experience is safe, pleasant and perfect.

Thus Raúl Porcar points out: "the secret is to use completely natural scents that disappear very quickly. These fragrances are embedded in a system of dispensers equipped with a fan which regulates the scope and intensity of aroma". For this reason, the company includes the WiFi router preconfigured to work with Olorama devices, as well as remote support in the installation and maintenance of the system.

The integration of Olorama into any visual experience is also very simple, "since we provide the necessary code to Unity and Unreal, and the developer invests less than fifteen minutes putting on the verge," emphasizes Porcar. Despite its short existence, different companies and institutions have already acquired several of these devices for experimenting with them and put them to the test.

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By • 3 Jul, 2017
• Section: accessories