In the Spain has installed a mural explanatory and audiovisual immersive bring the visitor experience more dynamic and interactive; While in the of United Arab Emirates has implemented projections immersive 6 meters height and the Kazakhstan has been responsible of the audiovisual of two levels of engineering project.

BGL - Pavilion Kazakhstan in Astana

Audiovisual BGL has put its seal in audiovisual engineering projects, carry out the integration of three of the wards that make up the grounds of Expo 2017 Astana (capital of Kazakhstan), commissioned by power production and design)APD).

The realization of these pavilions of Spain, United Arab Emirates and the first two floors of the national flag of Kazakhstan has posed a great challenge to BGL given the complexity and innovation of the audiovisual installations.

Under the motto of the Expo 'Energy for the future', each Pavilion has focused on an own theme, on which the audiovisual project has focused.

BGL - opening canopy Spain Astana

The Spain Pavilion, with the theme 'Spain, energy for the planet', will show their history of exploitation of natural resources and its commitment to renewable energy, as well as the importance of the fight against climate change for the planet. To do this, BGL has installed a mural explanatory and audiovisual immersive bring the visitor experience more dynamic and interactive.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates Pavilion, designed by the office of RAA (Ralph Applebaum Associates), generates an interior journey whose central space featuring projections of 6 meters high and faces tessellating, immersive where it will recreate the evolution of the United Arab Emirates from the approach of a modern and inspiring nation that will be one step forward in energy innovation.

BGL - Pavilion Emirates in Astana

Finally, the national flag of Kazakhstan has dedicated each level, 8 in total, having the building, to a type of energy: hydraulic, space, solar and wind power, biomass and kinetic energy. BGL has been responsible for audiovisual engineering of the first two levels.

Stands out the Canopy, a lattice structure which projections immersive about the landscapes of Kazakhstan, have been installed in the ground floor, more generic and themed on the host country, while on the second floor that projection deal over the topic: hydro-electric power.

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By • Jul 4, 2017
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