The international DJ of Swedish origin Eric Pryd opted again for this Holotronica 3D visualization solution to create large holographic effects during their concert in London's Victoria Park; a show designed by Real Time Environmental Systems (RES) has surpassed in scale and impact to the above.

Holotronica Real Time Environmental Systems Eric Prydz

The solution of Holo-Gauze 3D visualization, developed by Holotronicahas been a key element to help the specialist Real Time Environmental Systems)RES), as well as to creative director Liam Tomaszewski, design and overcome in visual impact the show by DJ Eric Prydz with his electronic music, video, and lighting show Epic 5.0 (Eric Prydz in Concert), held recently in London's Victoria Park facing an audience of 15,000 people.

Six hundred lasers, ten million pixels of video, 20 metres in width are, in general terms, part of this great audiovisual Festival that did not disappoint their fans, with innovative effects of light, x-ray laser, animation, holograms, holograms of astronauts giant, satellites and tornadoes that spun around the stage and the audience to the rhythm of the music.

Holotronica Real Time Environmental Systems Eric Prydz

Animations projected on the huge screen reflective and transparent Holo-Gauze (for 20 × 9 meters) to create the holograms of the largest in the world so far in this type of show. Four laser projectors of the RZ31K model of Panasonic, with a brightness of 30,000 lumens each, were merged to project one image and optical illusion, created by Liam Tomaszewski, on the screen of Holo-Gaze, which was placed in front of Prydz.

In addition to the Holo-Gauze screen, the show was completed with a large 'V' shaped Led display (Vanish, 2.304 × 576 pixels), located on the back wall of the stage, and a second (also in the same way) to form a visual and animated cube in lathe to the Swedish DJ.

Holotronica Real Time Environmental Systems Eric Prydz

As the inventor of the Holo-Gauze and CEO of Holotronica, Stuart Warren-Hill, said "I am absolutely delighted that RES asked us to again participate in the last show Eric Prydz's Epic, in which our screen is ideal for live such events as" It allows performers sit behind our nearly invisible chiffon, while visually stunning holographic effects that appear to float in front of them are displayed."

Since it appeared on the market in the fall of 2014, Holo-Gauze has become a Visual of many live shows as already disclosed Digital AV Magazine with the show Epic 3.0 by Eric Prydz at Madison Square Garden and Epic 4.0, by facilitating the creation of effect of hologram's largest indoor carried out so far, which currently distributes Gerriets in Russia, United Kingdom and other European countries.

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By • 12 Jul, 2017
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