With the seats sold out and organised by the Medina Media producer, is the first event in which virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, video games, eSports,... are dealt with jointly and everything related to these new technologies, involving companies of international reference, with the collaboration of the European Broadcasting Union.

Virtual reality malaga2017 Observatory

He Pole of digital contents of Malaga It has today opened its doors to welcome, until tomorrow, July 20, to celebrate the first edition of the Observatory of Virtual reality)OVR17) with the support of multinationals such as Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, Sony-Playstation, HTC-live,... with the backing of international public organizations such as the European Broadcasting Union)EBU-UER), and with Panorama Audiovisual as a media partner

The 6,000 square meters of surface of the pole of digital contents of Malaga, which opened June 6, offer from first hour activities around these technologies and their applications in sectors such as tourism, education, advertising and the business.

Virtual reality malaga2017 ceo medina media ObservatoryIn these two days the virtual, augmented and mixed reality, as well as its application in the environment of gaming and eSports, representatives, marks and assistants from Korea, United States, Japan, Taiwan, Great Britain, France, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland... and companies such as Fujitsu, Accenture, Mediapro, RTVE, TV3, Canal Sur, Cosentino will share in the capital of the Costa del Sol a pooling, theoretical and practical demonstrations of everything around these new technologies.

The program made by Medina Media -producer, organizer of the event and also responsible for the third edition in this city of the 4KSummitthe 10th of the next month of November-8, it gathers twenty papers and permanent visits to a Demo Area, equipped with over forty devices of last generation with the goal of participants draw their own conclusions about these technological disciplines increasingly common in all areas.

Virtual reality malaga2017 ObservatoryWithin the programme of activities of the OVR17, assistants will have more than six hours a day of networking, which will be combined with the typical gastronomy Malaga to end the day with a 'happy hour with the Beer of the VR' (the beer of reality Virtual).

As explained by Ricardo Medina, CEO of Medina Media, "the aim of the Observatory of Virtual reality is twofold. On the one hand, to offer a professional opportunity at the day of what is really happening with these new technologies. And, secondly, that this experience, as well as useful, it is surrounded by a professional/vital experience in the Costa del Sol".

Nokia-OzoAmong the innovations that have been added to the program, is the OZO camera of Nokia, especially for this event sent from the United States, which can be seen in action in the area of Networking for access and exclusive demonstrations for professionals.

On the other hand, and as already announced digital AVSamsung has made a great display of the technology of virtual reality, with two rooms equipped with Gear VR goggles, so attendees can enjoy music, for example, Malaga Pablo Alborán singer in 360 degrees, among other applications.

For his part, eSports League Survival takes place in these two days of the event and sessions from 9:00 h, selection of players and shocks 'one-to-one' coaches and Scouts from different teams for the 2017-2018 season.

Virtual reality malaga2017 ObservatoryIn the academic and ICT-related environment, the University of Malaga (UMA) is conducting a ' hackathon, for 36 hours without interruption, where students will compete by offering the best time trial solution to a challenge that will make them their teachers and practitioners of Samsung.

Starred in another of the claims for those interested in virtual reality the US startup YBVR, that will be part of the jury and will offer to the winners of the first prize participation, on July 21, in its intensive applications virtual reality in the mass sports, which will involve professionals expressly arrived from California.

Another proposal is that of Carmen Thyssen Malaga Museum, presenting its new exhibition 'The appearance of the real', with a new virtual reality application, which aims to show how new technologies can help get this event success in the art world.

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By • 19 Jul, 2017
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