The HF85JA model of UST ProBeam range of ultra short throw, and laptop MiniBeam PH30JG be presented at the imminent appointment of Berlin (Germany), along with new monitors specially designed for gaming.

LG MiniBeam PH30J

Full HD resolution and ultra short (Ultra Short-Throw) that does not require professional installation, the laser projector ProBeam HF85JA UST is one of the innovations that LG Electronics show while participating in IFA 2017From 1 to 6 September in the German city of Berlin.

LG ProBeam UST requires only 12 cm. an image of 100 inches with a brightness of 1500 lumens to (1.5 times brighter than the previous projector UST company) and a contrast ratio of 150,000: 1 to provide sharp and precise images.

LG ProBeAM-HF85JIts laser light source provides an estimated 20,000 hours and has a function of horizontal and vertical image correction, angular trapeze four corners, for flexible installation and access to webOS LG Smart TV platform durability.

The company will also showcase the capabilities of your portable projector high definicición MiniBeam, equipped with a battery for up to four hours of battery life. One of its differentials is Multi-Angle Projection, which allows tilting the device up to 70 degrees to display an image on a wall or ceiling without using a tripod.

Compatibility USB Type-C provides the MiniBeam the ability to connect and reflect other devices (laptops, smarphone, etc.) and charge its internal battery of 9000mAh with a single cable; and send an audio signal to any other Bluetooth enabled device, wireless speaker, etc.

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By • Aug 24, 2017
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