The new building that has expanded the Faculty of medicine and Sciences account with digital signage screens to share information distributed by the building, as well as display for meeting rooms along with classroom projection systems and the auditoriums in order to enhance and improve the experience of the students.

Copenhagen University Tower maersk panasonic stouenborg

The University of Copenhagen you have completed one of the largest audiovisual installation projects in an academic center in Denmark, a new building of the Faculty of medicine and science, in which the technology Panasonicintegrated by your local specialist StouenborgIt is an essential element of this infrastructure to ensure an environment of innovative learning at the service of students and scientists.

The Panum Institute is part of the Faculty of medicine and Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Thanks to a donation from the A.P. Møller Foundation, has now expanded its facilities with a new building, known as Tower Maersk, which aims to become an international centre in the field of medical education and scientific research.

One of the concerns associated with the creation of a pointer and modern learning environment was incorporate cutting-edge audiovisual systems and to guarantee its future use. As explained by Anders Jørgensen, contractor and director of the AV installation of Stouenborg, "systems had to meet very strict criteria. We subjected to numerous tests, simulations and testing different brands determine the possibilities and performance of each facility to ensure the best results, from monitors to projectors and projection screens. In fact, we had to adjust the strategy several times when tests showed that a product did not meet these criteria".

Copenhagen University Tower maersk panasonic stouenborg

The choice of Panasonic technology responds to two specific characteristics and with the general solution. "The technical quality and design should go hand - pointing this expert- and we choose this manufacturer because it offered solutions that their competitors did not, especially in the field of imaging, capable of projecting short distance purposes images with a width of 5.3 m at a distance of only 2 m and an extremely low noise level: less than NR - 30 ".

It added that "we not considered each unit individually, but as a part of the package, and Panasonic offered the best fusion of different solutions that combine a high quality image with high durability," underlines Jorgensen.

In particular, Panasonic has provided a combination of 32 models TH-42LFE7 and 48LFE8 digital signage screens to share information throughout the building; more than 60 systems Visual for the meeting (TH65LFE8) and Conference (TH-84EF1E), as well as 32 projectors models PT-RZ970 and 770/670/570 to the concert halls of the building, to which are added 39 PT-VZ575NAJ equipment for classrooms.

Copenhagen University Tower maersk panasonic stouenborg

Environmentally friendly Led lights with the environment

The Maersk Tower offers a complete view of the historic centre of the city and is not a precisely small building. For this reason, a sustainable installation was of vital importance for those responsible in order to guarantee low energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

"The Panasonic Led-projectors offer significant energy savings associated with their solutions - explains Anders Jorgensen, allowing us to spend less on electricity and reduce the environmental impact, in line with the strategy of sustainability and" respect for the environment of the Panum Institute".

Copenhagen University Tower maersk panasonic stouenborg

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By • 28 Aug, 2017
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