These devices are designed to not saturate bandwidth when images of HD video in motion through WiFi or Internet to several screens of a digital signage network, live events and conferences, as well as presentations are distributed in various locations.

Black Box VS2000Encoders and decoders VS2000 of Black Box they are particularly suitable for transmitting Full HD video with moving images over any IP network, without using all the bandwidth available thanks to compression H.264/MPEG-4, as well as use Internet and even wireless to distribute content audio and video to multiple screens.

These devices can be integrated with remote sources (and also managed in remote) video walls, screens of digital information and other AV systems, and thanks to his PoE power is not necessary to install additional power outlets.

Black Box VS2000 schemeThe series VS2000 is especially suitable for the distribution of signals from analog audio and HD video over IP networks with H.264 encoding for live events, digital signage, conferences and presentations in various locations, with bandwidth very low.

The VS-2000-ENC model can be used to transmit video point to point to an unlimited number of decoders that use standard multicast technology. The video stream can be received with decoder VS-2000, third party devices, software or sent by Internet.

Main features:

  • It converts signals from HDMI video and analog audio in H.264 streams.
  • It works with VS2000 decoder or integrates with any other H.264 decoder, Media Player, VLC or media player.
  • Distributes video and audio to an unlimited number of decoders.
  • Suitable for application in corporate such as health, education, energy and transportation environments
  • It works with digital signage of Black Box, videowalls and PoE network switches.
  • Supports HDMI up to 1.920 × 1.200 to 60 Hz.
  • Use in both multicast as unicast mode.
  • Low consumption of bandwidth, so that it can be transmitted easily on the Internet.
  • Power via PoE to receive power from the network switch.
  • Control via GUI or Telnet to a simple and flexible management.
  • Low bit (bit rate) rate: from 2 to 30 Mbps.

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By • 4 Sep, 2017
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