From this specialist, they point out that it is no longer enough to broadcast information in-store digital signage passive systems, but the user demand more interactivity in the settlements, mainly through their mobile devices.

Movilok signage and mobile

The arrival of e-commerce and its competition with the traditional trade requires that physical stores acquire new ways of measuring, attract and retain customers. In this context, digital signage specialist Movilok commitment to interactivity as a key element in that process, and the first reaction to achieve this has been imitation of kiosks installed touchscreens as orientation systems over a large area or to fill out satisfaction surveys.

In some sectors, for example in the fashion, creative tools have been developed to provide a user experience different, with mirrors or virtual digital testers or initiatives with augmented reality, among others, in that the interactivity of the user with the system improves their relationship and interest in products in a store.

Another element that will accelerate the expansion of interactivity in digital signage are mobile, explains Luis be, co-founder of Movilok, since "they are devices that can show textual and graphic; they have operation and interactivity capabilities, are connected to the Internet, and we always take them over. I.e., they contain most of the features of both passive and active digital signage systems".

As noted from this company, in some cases already are integrated as an important piece in the customer experience: sending SMS or beacons for advertising, develop app with readers as support for cards or codes for pricing of loyalty, or using the mobile customers know how they move within the trade.

Information, promotion, operation and interaction are merged to provide a global experience in relation to the environment: in an instant mobile is the code reader for, then act as a bar code. "It is a detectable element, but it is also the tool from which you can control other connected elements; You can receive announcements and offers at the same time sending opinions and complaints."

Movilok Showcases is a solution of interactive virtual storefront that fits with this trend of mobile integration linked to digital signage, since the client can connect to digital screens from any store or Mall using your phone moving through the web browser or reading a QR code, becoming the smartphone a remote distance from the content that is displayed and with the option of filtering or select content, download details of products, etc. in real time.

This technological solution also allows the issuance of beacons and the generation of analytical of customers, in line with the main trends of the sector. "Maybe we can say that the future of digital signage not so dependent on the evolution of the technologies on which is supported, but their level of integration into the new definition of the"voyage of the client", in such a way that it is not perceived as a decorative element ", but naturally as one interactive element within a customer experience complete", underlines this steering.

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By • Sep 11, 2017
• Section: Digital signage, Business, dynamic Advertising