In two auditoriums of this building, the PH1202HL laser projection systems of 12.000 lumens and PX803U 8.000 Lumens; while nine commission rooms have been equipped with P502HL models.

NEC at Palacio Congresos Valencia

the Valencia Congress Palace has updated its facilities with state-of-the-art technology to offer the best services to both citizens and companies attending the events and congresses held there. Throughout his nineteen years of experience, has hosted nearly two million attendees in more than 2.600 Events. That's why, it was necessary to modernize its facilities to remain competitive and lead the congress market, both nationally and internationally.

the Valencia City Council, owner of the building, was aware of the obsolescence of the previous equipment and the need to adapt to the customer's new needs. To this end, a number of actions have been promoted for the development of this transformation project, which has been carried out in two phases during 2016 and 2017.

NEC at Palacio Congresos Valencia

The updating of audiovisual systems has led to an investment of 1,1 million euros in the first phase and 450.000 euros in the second. Thanks to this investment, the enclosure has been equipped with equipment that, coupled with the versatility of its infrastructure and the uniqueness provided by Norman Foster's design, allow it to re-consolidate as a reference building and venue of choice for large meetings.

The Palacio de Congresos de Valencia has several devices NEC Display Solutions installed in different locations. The building features the PH1202HL laser projector 12.000 lumens and triple DLP chip and the single chip laser projector 8.000 LUMENs PX803U. In addition, the nine Commission rooms are equipped with the laser projectors of the 5.000 lumens P502HL.

In addition to cutting-edge technology, one of the most innovative aspects is the globality of the project itself. The scale of the renovation has made it possible for it to have the most advanced audiovisuals and a number of lighting systems have also been installed, image, sound and lecture.

NEC at Palacio Congresos Valencia

When deploying teams, the activity of the building has not been harmed, because there has been no cessation of it at any time during the start-up of the equipment. The work took place at special times so as not to condition the agenda of events and, since May, new systems are being used in meetings.

Projectors give the center higher performance in terms of performance, improved contrast and brightness, a wider color gamut and sharper sharpness. The public of the events held on site will be able to experience more reliable and accurate colors.

The devices do not need lamp change or cleaning and last up to 20.000 hours, so they carry a lower maintenance cost. As an added value, the low energy consumption of the projectors contributes to the sustainability of the enclosure and lower heat generation and/or noise pollution.

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