Smart tags and a digital totem are signaling solutions that have been implemented in the new store in Hospitalet de Llobregat inaugurated yesterday by the wholesaler, and seeks to facilitate the shopping experience dealer and allow greater control of stock of products.

Esprinet cash carry Barcelona

Esprinet He has launched a cash and carry in Barcelona. Located in the Hospitalet de Llobregat area is the second to open in Spain and follows the same line as the Esprivillage of Madrid. It has an area of ​​740 square meters of exhibition and storage 150, and he more than 4,400 references marketed.

Esprinet cash carry BarcelonaEl Esprivillage Barcelona supone un paso más en la estrategia de la compañía que apuesta por este modelo de venta directa a los distribuidores y que como explica José María García, country manager de Esprinet Ibérica, “continuaremos desarrollando. Tenemos previsto, en un futuro cercano, seguir abriendo cash & carry aunque aún no está determinado donde será. Hemos elegido Hospitalet para nuestro segundo centro porque es la zona más idónea por número de distribuidores”.

Future forecasts of the company seems they could have put their sights in the south of Madrid, although it does not rule out that this business expansion will focus on Portugal. "It's a market that is slower than Spain but after these years working there have the experience and knowledge to bet on him."

The cash & carry de Madrid has brought the company a business of 15 million euros and expect this new establishment that opened in Barcelona will report a similar figure.

Esprinet cash carry Barcelona

This company already has 17 outlets in Italy cash & carry, spread across different parts of the country, where more than 6,000 customers shop. "When opening stores in Italy takes into account the distance while in Spain more emphasis is placed on the progress of the business."

Promoting interactivity with the customer

Esprinet cash carry BarcelonaAt the technological level, this center has implemented the same smart label solution available to the Alcobendas but also gone one step further and installed a solution that focuses on customer interactivity.

This interactivity aims to facilitate the shopping experience of the customer and allow what in Esprinet called 'intelligent dynamic reset' and as said José María García "will be marked by more than 1,300 dealers there around and that will be the to tell us which products are to be sold. "

For the implementation of this initiative have enjoyed the cooperation of the company Nicolis Project who has implemented a digital kiosk, the B-Totem, which helps the dealer purchases and optimizes stock management at the center.

Esprinet cash carry BarcelonaThe B-Totem is constructed with a touchscreen that facilitates interaction with the client. It can be programmed to perform different actions and facilitates the search for products in the store, and allows interaction with other devices and intranet browsing the point of sale.
The totem is installed on the cash & Hospitalet de Llobregat has a 22.5 inch touch screen, barcode reader and thermal printer.

El cliente realiza en este puesto de información la búsqueda de los productos que quiere adquirir y la información es enviada vía WiFi a las etiquetas que están en los estantes con los diferentes productos. A través de unas señales Led de colores se indica donde se encuentran, así como si están en stock. Esta solución permite gestionar hasta siete operaciones simultáneamente.

Thanks to the interactivity provided by this solution is possible to manage promotions, dates reset, perform actions on products, indicating that items must be removed, helping different activities in store as picking, control items are out of stock, and allow critical signaling stocks.

Esprinet cash carry Barcelona

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By • 19 Sep, 2017
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