En esta muestra se ha utilizado el modelo HIGHlite Laser II, cuyos contenidos son impulsados por el servidor de medios 7thSense Delta Nano-SDI, así como dos E-Vision Laser 8500, para proporcionar una impactante visualización de bienvenida en el área de recepción, y ocho E-Vision Laser 6500 que proporcionan imágenes giratorias de diferentes estrellas pop del Reino Unido.

Digital Projection The British Music Experience

The British Music Experience is a permanent exhibition, installed in the Liverpool Cunard building, showing the history of British music through costumes, instruments and different objects. The visitor makes a journey of different genres, reflecting how these have influenced the last seventy years.

En esta exhibición se lleva a los visitantes por un recorrido cronológico de la historia de la música británica desde 1945 hasta nuestros días. Y lo hace a través de ocho galerías de exposiciones interactivas. En el centro dede este espacio se ha instalado una atracción de cinco minutos de duración, producida por Boy George y creado por Graham English, que incluye un holograma a gran escala.

Digital Projection The British Music Experience

Esta iniciativa, realizada por el integrador DJ Willrich, ha sido llevada a cabo utilizando el proyector HIGHlite Laser II de Digital Projection, cuyos contenidos son impulsados por el servidor de medios 7thSense Delta Nano-SDI.

DJ Willrich Integrator was selected to provide a complete review of the technology and content, after the transfer of its original home within the O2 in London between 2009 and 2014 to new and iconic headquarters in Liverpool to the British Music Experience at the Cunard building. "Used projection technology became key since the installation in 2009 and we needed the projected video of Boy George in the screen of the HoloNet to be bright and penetrating. It had to be visually stunning from all angles and distances. The Digital Projection HIGHlite Laser II that was the best choice to help us achieve it."

Digital Projection The British Music Experience

HIGHlite Laser II is designed for environments that require a solution of projection of long-term flexibility of installation, high brightness and a cost of ownership of the remarkable life. With a 13,000 lumens brightness and a source of fluorescent light solid-state laser, which eliminates the need for costly replacement of lamps and maintenance processes, it is capable of producing more than 20,000 hours of projection.

"The combination of a light source of long-term exceptionally bright features of accuracy, image edge blending, mosaic of multiple projectors and projector driver software, which allow a complete management and operation of multiple projectors from a single centralized application, make this computer an ideal choice for use in an experience like this,"says Josh Miller of DJ Willrich.

Digital Projection The British Music Experience

HIGHlite Laser II works both vertically and horizontally and offers various fixed lenses and zoom options to ensure that system integrators have the maximum flexibility with regard to the placement of the team. Developed with the 'Fit and Forget' directive, installers can mount it quickly thanks to the software that incorporates and reducing the time configuration and with a minimum of maintenance throughout the life.

"In addition to excellent quality, we know that the long-term performance and reliability are also key in professional environments. "We offer a warranty of five years / 20,000 hours for our projectors", explains, adds Mark Wadsworth of Digital Projection.

In addition to the HIGHlite Laser II, also have installed two projectors laser Digital Projection E-Vision Laser-8500 8.500 lumens, which provided a stunning display of welcome in the reception area and which is reflected in a giant flag, the Union Jack. Other eight teams E-Vision Laser 6500 6,000 lumens projected rotating images of various pop stars from the United Kingdom using the software Dataton Watchpax 2 en una serie de bahías arqueadas para separar las diferentes zonas de exposición.

Digital Projection The British Music Experience

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