With a versatile and safe design from floor to ceiling, this support can also locate additional screens and custom configurations for full display in the windows of shops, as has happened in the network of establishments in the ISMASH London.

iSmash Peerless AV

The provider of digital signage systems Pioneer Group You have been selected to install digital screens 55 inches high brightness in the windows of three stores in London quick repair company smartphones, tablets and computers Ismaning, Which aims to attract the attention of passersby and show visually dynamic services they offer.

Chosen to install these screens solution is the modular assembly floor to ceiling and a single pole Peerless AV, Besides being easy to install and meet safety standards, provides a versatile design to place the screens at any point in a column or a window to be positioned at a height perfect display.

iSmash Peerless AVEste sistema modular de suelo a techo se compone de un soporte, un adaptador y un poste de cromo de 50 mm (2 pulgadas) fijado al techo. Además, permite ubicar pantallas adicionales que se apilan en la columna o poste, así como configuraciones personalizadas, con una placa de montaje back-to-back disponible para aplicaciones de doble pantalla, aumentando la superficie visual.

Mark Childerhouse, Pioneer Group, said that "This project uses an innovative roof mounting Peerless-AV for placing high brightness displays for each ISMASH stores. We started with the establishment of Kings Road, Fleet Street and Tottenham Court Road and will complete the network with a striking and interactive system in their windows that can be managed seamlessly into the store. "

Specifically, the network connection of digital signage in these stores and the distribution of content to screens has been the responsibility of My Signage Portal.

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By • 21 Sep, 2017
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