El modelo 7380 incorpora un amplificador Clase-D de 800 W que mueve un woofer personalizado de 15 pulgadas que, junto con el recinto en espiral LSE, produce un nivel máximo de 119 dB de presión sonora, además de una precisa respuesta en baja frecuencia que alcanza hasta los 16 Hz.

Genelec 7380 SAM

El subwoofer SAM 7380 proporciona una respuesta extendida en baja frecuencia con mínima distorsión y máximo nivel de presión sonora en un compacto gabinete. GenelecWhose products distributed Audio-Technica Iberia, Presented this team as the new flagship of the SAM line (Smart Active Monitoring), which can be easily integrated into any system monitors (stereo or multichannel), as part of facilities immersive 3D sound large format providing performance normally associated with much larger enclosures.

Equipped with a new section amplification Class-D, plus all the benefits of SAM technology, the 7380 has been designed to exceed the requirements of the most demanding professionals in music production, post-production, film and TV. In addition, it is associated with the series of 3-way coaxial monitors Genelec The Ones, especially in immersive settings for working with formats Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D or DTS systems: X.

Genelec IBC 2017With unes dimensions of 685 mm high, 718 mm wide and a depth of 492 mm, the 7380 hosts a Class-D amplifier 800 W that moves a custom 15-inch woofer, together with the enclosure spiral LSE produces a maximum level of 119 dB SPL (123 dB peak), along with a precise low frequency response that reaches up to 16 Hz.

La incorporación de la tecnología SAM de Genelec coloca al 7380 en el corazón de la familia de monitores y subwoofers inteligentes que conforman esta gama. Con el programa GLM para PC o Mac, se pueden conectar en red hasta 40 monitores y subwoofers SAM, trabajar con distintas configuraciones de carga instantánea, y beneficiarse de las características de auto-calibración que incluyen ajustes de nivel, alineamiento de tiempos de llegada y fase, además del ajuste en frecuencia.

It also offers extensive functionality compensation room including an adjustable frequency and parametric filters 20 slot, ensuring that it can be optimized to achieve the best possible performance even in the most complex acoustic environments.

GLM also allows you to configure bass management systems, both centralized and decentralized, depending on the type of monitors are used, ensuring compatibility with previous models Genelec and even other analog systems.

A complete set of DIP, easily accessible on the front panel controls allow independent work mode incorporating major adjustment features, including advanced calibration for hybrid systems in which traditional monitors are used. In standalone mode, the crossover frequency is set to 85Hz.

For those who work with multi-channel audio, 7.1 channel 7380 provides input and output XLR, plus an AES / EBU digital connection that can be used to form a complete stereo or digital adding 7.1 solution interface optional digital Genelec, 9301.

This solution has been presented in the last edition of IBC 2017 closed its doors on September 19, along with new innovations introduced in the control software monitors GLM 3 as previously published Digital AV Magazine.

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