This emblematic centre dedicated to the history of the automobile has been a pioneer in integrating this technology, which uses Led light to transmit information to the mobile users, making digital signage and Led light on tools sources of information and marketing.

Petersen automotive museum panasonic LinkRay

Located in Los Angeles, the Petersen Automotive Museum offers visitors a communication interactive and differential during his tour of the installation, after being the first in the United States to deploy the technology LinkRay of Panasonic, which was officially presented in ISE 2017 (more details in) digital AV).

LinkRay innovation is that it uses individual codes with Led light sources for broadcast content to mobile devices and convert the network of digital signage displays, signs and light sources in a 1-2-1 marketing tool.

Petersen automotive museum panasonic LinkRay

"The Petersen Automotive Museum is an institution emblematic exposing exclusive automobile models in a high-tech environment - explains Enrique Robledo, director of marketing for Panasonic - Europe, and was the ideal partner with which to work to present LinkRay, since that already had installed our projectors and screens. Now can offer its visitors a unique and attractive, Museum experience with options that go far beyond the exposed models".

In this sense, Panasonic technology stars in the digital and interactive experience at the Petersen Automotive Museum, with the installation of 47 projectors of the PT-RZ670, PT-DZ870 and PT-DZ780 models in different rooms, as well as sixteen screens Professional large format and high resolution models TH-98LQ70, TH-80LF50, TH-70LF50, TH-55SF1HU and TH-55LF80, which are connected with this technology.

Petersen automotive museum panasonic LinkRay

In addition, LinkRay is integrated into the Petersen Automotive Museum free application that gives access to a wide variety of features, from tickets to receive future special offers, which allows a large number of people at the same time more details of an exhibition, a model of car, etc. using their mobile phones in a more interactive way.

In this sense, this Panasonic solution lets read the labels with the smartphone camera from the user, from the light they emit Led transmitters, and connect to the associated web content. The information sent to the user, and in the language of the owner of the mobile device, is based on web, so it can be image, audio or video files.

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By • Sep 22, 2017
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