This range, which facilitates complex Pro AV facilities, are offered with resolutions WUXGA, Full HD and WXGA, reaching 5,500 lumens. The first are available with or without an option to HDBase.

Optoma EH515ST

Optoma It has launched a new range of projectors as an alternative to a system of interchangeable lens and the cost involved. 515ST line offers different configurations with resolutions (WU515TST and WU515ST) WUXGA, Full HD (EH515TST and EH515ST) and WXGA (W515ST), reaching 5,500 lumens. WUXGA and Full HD models are available with option HDBaseT (WU515TST and EH515TST) or without it.

These solutions, flexible and affordable, all-in-one of short of 0.8 with a displacement of up to + 25% in vertical adjustment lens and 10% horizontally. They also offer full adjustment of four corners, allowing resulting more difficult installations much easier for museums, education, corporate, etc.

Optoma EH515ST

Installers can individually adjust each corner allowing to get the image exactly where they want it and are suitable for irregular walls or where the placement of the projector is difficult and needs to be installed at an angle.

For multiproyector screens, Optoma brightness adjustment function ensures a precise fit so that multiple units can be matched when they placed aligned or stacking.

"Customers can save the cost of the interchangeable lens on the projector with the option of HdBaseT. In addition, customers want the flexibility of brightness, but not the cost posed additional lenses, which once installed projectors will not replace. This is where comes the series 515 ", says Philip Wat, Optoma product manager.

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By • 18 Oct, 2017
• Section: Projection