The world famous lights of Piccadilly went yesterday again by its owner, Land Securities, after a renovation period of nine months of your digital signage, who now stars in gigantic curved and with 4 K resolution Led display manufactured by Daktronics.

Land Securities Piccadilly Circus Daktronics

A spectacular display of colours and dynamic content, sponsored by members of the public as part of a campaign to raise funds for the Association of aid to children Barnardo completo, was the first image that appeared in the new curve Led display He stars in the emblematic and central square of London Piccadilly Circus.

As already he anticipated a few months ago digital AV, the company Land Securities (Landsec), owner of Piccadilly Lights, has replaced the original 'patchwork' of classic advertising displays that illuminated this space with a huge Led screen with 4K resolution of last generation and low energy consumption of the manufacturer Daktronics and a hub of technology live, which allows the screen to react to certain external factors, such as climate or temperature.

Land Securities Piccadilly Circus Daktronics

This last feature adds more value to advertisers messages, since it allows them to show content creative and innovative brands, such as appropriate clothing for the weather, adapting to the actual environment and audience trends. This technology does not collect or store personal data and you cannot record images or audio.

Coca-Cola, Samsung, Hyundai, L' Oréal Paris, eBay, Hunter and Stella McCartney have been first advertisers display their messages in the new screen, now in the recently released screen, whose advertising space managed Ocean Outdoor on behalf of Landsec.

Land Securities Piccadilly Circus Daktronics

The countdown and the timing of the lighting of the display was broadcast yesterday live through Facebook and YouTube, and the presentation of this release will be repeated several times on screens until the 11.59 pm today, Friday, October 27.

Vasiliki Arvaniti, product manager at Landsec, "Piccadilly Lights have been one of the icons of London for more than one century, and is a spectacle not to be missed for a hundred millions of people who pass through Piccadilly Circus each year. We know that people really surprised the screen while the renovation works were carried out, and we both brands that illuminate the screen are incredibly excited about having turned on the lights again today. "We want to greatly thank all have formed them part of the campaign #PiccadillyOn, raising money for Barnardo's".

Land Securities Piccadilly Circus Daktronics

In this line, Richard Brown, head of the project at Land Securities, emphasizes renewal and innovation of the new digital system, "we are really pleased and also anxious and excited to see the new Daktronics screen to continue giving light at this world-renowned place."

For his part, Tim Bleaklety, executive director of Ocean Outdoor, stressed that "Piccadilly Lights new advertising screen is one of the most interactive and more functions in the world. Today is an important milestone in its history, and to highlight what we have an excellent selection of global brands, iconic in six categories, ready to exercise their creativity."

General details LED curve screen 4K

  • Size: 17.56 meters high x 44,62 m wide (790m 2).
  • Pixel pitch of 8 mm.
  • Greater than 4K resolution (5.490 × 2.160 p).
  • Led packages 'three in one' that generate trillions of colors and optimal brightness.
  • The space is structured in areas of variable content.

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By • 27 Oct, 2017
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