AV service provider has installed a 28 m. curve Led display on the plate from which has issued the 'face to face' to the Catalan elections which take place tomorrow.

They TV3 debate cataluna

Public broadcaster TV3 He entrusted again I'm as a provider of audiovisual services to equip the dish of the 'face to face' special with the candidates of the formations to the Parliament of Catalonia, which relayed live on Monday, for the elections that will be held tomorrow, December 21st.

As base of plate from which was broadcast this debate settled a large curved screen Led 4.8 mm pixel pitch of EQC, with a size of 28 × 1, 5 meters and more than 5,800 pixel basis.

They TV3 debate cataluna

In front of this screen was also a linear tiles in curvature to allow the continuity of image of the graphics of the main visual system, with the same resolution, but with a size of 20, 5 × 0, 5 meters and more than 4,200 pixels in base.

Both screens were managed with the processor NovaStar 4K, programmed with the Watchout system of Datatonadapting the signal to these surfaces to give continuity to the contents.

They TV3 debate cataluna

Behind the moderator, and in order to receive direct signs of preparation, a Led screen was mounted in Bend, in particular of the A3 model of Absent, with a size of 4 × 2 meters, with processor Ship Image Pro II.

This type of custom Led solutions installed by Sono generate an immersive audiovisual impact. Thus, the curvature in the Led screen is procured from the suitability and adaptability in the design of the tiles, which can be configured both as convex concave format. Through regulatory, anchored one-piece modules, this smooth curve, is reached without a appreciate irregularities on the surface of the screen.

They TV3 debate cataluna

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By • 20 Dec, 2017
• Section: Study cases, Control, Display, signs distribution, Events, Production