The room has been renovated and equipped with a complete AV infrastructure that enables high-impact presentations, as well as video high quality communications with remote locations.

Vitelsa autitorio Emasesa

In 1974, the City Council of Seville was EmasesaMetropolitan company of water supply and sewerage of Seville, which manages the direct supply of drinking water for the city of Seville, since then as well as the of numerous populations surrounding large population such as beds, Dos Hermanas, Alcalá Guadaira, Mairena de Alcor, San Juan de Aznalfarache or Coria del Río.

Vitelsa auditorium EmasesaThe Head Office of Emasesa is located in the historic precinct of the old palace of the Ponce de Leon (14th century) and the ancient convent of the order third of the Franciscans (17TH century). The restoration of the building, under patronage of the entity, was at the time of the award of the international Europa Nostra Award, in recognition of the Seville historic-artistic heritage conservation.

Recently, Emasesa selected technological proposal of Vitelsa to renew the audiovisual equipment of the Hall of its headquarters. Selected lighting and audiovisual technology is ready for work in operation 24 × 7 with HD signals and high energy efficiency, enabling thus comply with the stringent requirements of environmental management adopted by the company Metropolitan water supply and sewerage.

For optimal viewing of contents in the Hall installed a panoramic videowall of large format and brightness, setting 4 × 4 in, offering a surface area of high resolution for the simultaneous presentation of signals from multiple 4K multimedia content or sources. Large format Led Full HD monitors which facilitate follow-up to the image of room by the rapporteurs also are installed in the scenario.

This audio-visual equipment allow presentations of great impact in the room and is prepared to carry out video high quality communications with remote locations.

Live event

Vitelsa auditorium EmasesaCoverage, recording and retransmission of events and presentations in the auditorium is a system of Full HD robotic cameras that allow automatic tracking of the speakers and the audience.

This infrastructure of cameras has been integrated with a new system of video communications HD, with capacity to serve both the Hall as to the room formation located in the building.

This service is ensured by a network of video and control installed between both Chambers, that allows you to manage the communications system without having to make movement of equipment. Also has been integrated into this network a system of Wireless HD AV signal distribution, that allows to manage dynamically display on the walls of multimedia content from various devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), a a simple and without wiring.

The development of presentations and papers designed a presidential table in hardwood curved shape, with capacity for five speakers. It is equipped with three retractable TFT monitors and five Professional desktop microphones.

The presidential lectern also is designed tailored to allow the realization of presentations, integrating a professional microphone, connection HD AV and different audiovisual connectors. Completing the ensemble has been integrated a system of wireless microphones to capture the audio of the participants, allowing the dynamic realization of events.

Translation and sound

Vitelsa auditorium EmasesaProfessional simultaneous translation of the room system implements a transmitter with optical connection that allows the distribution of more than 30 audio channels, providing a highly flexible system.

In the room have been also installed radiators infrared for wireless distribution of channels of translation into all receivers supplied for the follow-up to conferences by the attendees. The transmitter is also integrated with the interpreter desks, fitted with a professional speaker and microphone to allow for the simultaneous development of multiple translations live.

With respect to the sound of the room, is it has been guaranteed through the installation of a powerful system of digital audio with high-performance processor, as well as columns of high-fidelity speakers for optimal listening in all the points of the enclosure.

The room audio is managed through a sound table of last generation that allows controlling different channels entering the living room audio network. Also installed a mobile signal AV media distribution system.

The table control has an array of digital HD video that allows you to manage all kinds of multimedia content for viewing in the room or to their recording in the digital archive system in a comprehensive manner. It also allows making IP video streaming for Internet transmission in real time from the events held in the Auditorium.

Vitelsa autitorio Emasesa

The different audiovisual devices installed in the room have been integrated into an advanced system of automatic control, programmed by Vitelsa for simple management of the same from a touch panel where both staff as speakers You can manage the system in an easy and intuitive.

El diseño de la sala se ha complementado con un avanzado sistema de iluminación Led para el escenario y las bóvedas de techo, capaz de suministrar tanto luz blanca para iluminación general como una amplia gama de colores basados en regulación RGB.

Para la óptima iluminación del salón se han instalado focos de gran potencia en el escenario y en la bóveda de la sala, configurando así un completo sistema escenográfico que permitirá el desarrollo y configuración de diferentes coreografías lumínicas.

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