For this initiative, five artists will offer the possibility of using its projectors laser RZ31 and RZ21 to create their works of art to be displayed in the form of mapping in the three-dimensional structure of the Eye Filmmuseum.

Panasonic PT-RZ31K

Panasonic will be the official supplier of the contest World Masters of Proyection Mappingan initiative which will offer five artists the possibility to freely create their work using projectors laser of high brightness RZ31 and RZ21.

Panasonic PT-RZ21As he advanced in Digital AV Magazine, it's a completely new competition, to be held in Amsterdam from January 14 to February 9, 2018, and will display where the best in design, artistic creativity and cutting-edge technology. It is being produced as a cooperative enterprise between Amsterdam Light Festival, Integrated Systems Events)IF) and RAI Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event of cultural winter exhibiting light artworks custom channels and the former Marineterrein. In its sixth year, it has more than 40 artworks and installations of artists, designers and architects from around the world. Located around the center of the city, the highlights will include an installation by Chinese artist Ai WeiWei.

Eye filmmuseum amsterdam

The challenge for artists in the World Masters of proyection Mapping will create a work of art videographic which will be shown in the form of mapping the three-dimensional structure Eye Filmmuseum, and you will enjoy from several points of view. In the event, the artists projected videos on two screens of 40 × 15 meters.

Each of the six-minute video sequences begin with the projection on the water, and then the screens fall to make way for the architectural mapping on the Eye Filmmuseum.

The artists will present their work from January 14 to February 9, 2018, jury vote will take place on February 8 and the winner be announced February 9 in ISE 2018.

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By • Dec 22, 2017
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