The new Clarity Matrix G3 is based on the success of the award-winning line of screens, offering an advanced processing of video, energy efficiency and intelligent management software.

Leyard Planar Clarity Matrix g3

Multinationals in display systems Laird Y Planar they have gone one step further in innovation with the development of the third generation of their system videowall Clarity Matrix LCD, which combines an ultra-thin bezel with advanced processing of video, new electronic external and easy installation and management, for a optimal visual performance and working 24/7.

The new Clarity Matrix G3 system innovates in almost all aspects of the unique architecture Clarity Matrix, based on the achievements and experience gained in its LCD videowall solutions. In particular, it has a new driver of external video with advanced video processing capability integrated in the system; It includes newly developed software Leyard WallDirector to further simplify the installation, monitoring, and administration of videowall.

Leyard Planar Clarity Matrix g3The third generation Clarity Matrix provides also a greater fault tolerance and improved energy efficiency thanks to a new electronic architecture and improvement of power outside of plate.

As explained by Steve Seminario, VP. Leyard and Planar product marketing, "the presentation of Clarity Matrix G3 is a record, already more customers that never have been standardized and unique benefits of Clarity Matrix, whose capabilities are now expanded with innovative advances that raise" "even more the level of our solution LCD videowall".

One of the great advances in this regard is the inclusion of the video driver outside plate, which carries the processing to a new level, with escalation built into the system to a single source, beyond the 6 K resolution input (5.760 × 3.240 p) with the processing of videowall Planar Big Picture Plus, without the need for an external video processor or a/v switch.

Leyard Planar Clarity Matrix g3In particular, users can have multiple signals 4K@60Hz and climb them separate within the same sections in both the full video wall.

They can also show contents of a greater number of independent sources; superimpose an image smaller to a larger picture-in-picture (PiP) and add up to four sources of different images on a single screen with 4K QuadView.

Clarity Matrix G3 supports the latest connectivity 4K standards, which include both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2, which offers greater flexibility to customers as they build their video infrastructure.

Leyard Planar Clarity Matrix g3 daimler

Easier monitoring and installation

Clarity Matrix G3 is delivered standard with simple and intuitive software Leyard WallDirector, which simplifies the configuration, operation and monitoring of the videowall. Powerful Web-based interface automatically identifies the components of the videowall (configuration screen, power supply quantities and source inputs), which significantly reduces the carrying time set a videowall complex.

This software also allows you to drag and drop fonts on the screen and easily modify its size and position. Presets can recover windows video wall designs, which facilitates the quick setup of content.

With Leyard WallDirector it is possible to monitor the State of all components of the videowall from a location central, local or remote, so customer can solve proactively any issues by automatically identifying the screens that does not work, power supplies and electronic components in real time.

Energy efficiency and fault tolerance

Leyard Planar Clarity Matrix g3Clarity Matrix G3 incorporates a new remote power supply, located in a well ventilated rack room, thus leading away from the walls, heat, noise, weight and service points, and tripling this way power density per rack unit of -previous versions, minimizing the requirements of that unit.

The system has advanced functions for fault-tolerance, including redundancy n + 1, hot-swappable power and redundancy at the level of circuit modules. With remote power supply less than 3V power in standby for all the walls, will require Clarity Matrix G3 becomes one of the most efficient LCD videowall solutions in market power.

Clarity Matrix G3 is based on the performance and reliability of mission-critical of previous versions of the range, which has placed it as the best solution of videowall LCD of its kind. Just like Clarity Matrix G2, it has a ultraestrecho bezel, only 1.7 mm; as well as standard models and high-gloss, 46 and 55 ", along with options for Planar ERO (Extended ruggedness and optics), with video, interactive multi-touch and passive 3D fiber extensions.

It also has the mounting system Planar EasyAxis, that provides the thinnest depth of the industry so far in installation and includes access service and micro-adjustments for installation and simple maintenance of the videowall.

Clarity Matrix G3 LCD system has already begun its commercialization through the worldwide network of authorized distributors of Leyard and Planar, and will be exhibited in the exhibition space of these companies in ISE 2018 (hall 12 - stand H80).

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