The protagonists of his booth are video switcher of six channels XS-62S, ideal for presentations, performances and events, AV conferences and learning distance; While the video switcher multi-format V-60HD is intended for the production of live events, recording and transmission.

Roland ISE 2018

Roland ProAV He is presenting at the fair of the IF in Amsterdam (booth 1-H124) video switcher multi-format V-60HD and the video of six channels XS-62S.

The first is a compact switch video and audio mixer that incorporates a set of functions for the production of live events, transmission, recording and transmission. He admits most tickets camera SDI inputs HDMI for computers, tabletsa and other sources of video over a variety of connections. It also offers advanced functionality including multi-channel embedded audio, analog XLR/TRS and RCA, and embedded multichannel audio in two SDI outputs, as well as comprehensive dynamics and automatic mixing inputs.

Compact, portable and easy to use, the V-60HD supports six channel video that includes 3 G-SDI, HDMI and RGB sources via HDMI and RGB inputs to support resolutions from 480i up to WUXGA and VESA. A desentrelazador allows the sources of SDI video from several cameras fixed style, PTZ or ENG 1080 p and 1080i to be used simultaneously without an external signal converter. Also allows still images capture and import with two dedicated crossing points to have images ready to use and easy to change.

Roland V-60HD

Program, preview and bus AUX sources allow flexible outputs for environments of multiple screens such as churches, centers conferences, hotels and facilities of trade fairs, supporting a 'confidence' monitor, presenter notes, in addition to a main result for IMAG. Dedicated AUX bus can be assigned to any of the four SDI or HDMI outputs that provide a perfect switching from eight input channels, including four SDI, two HDMI or an RGB and two fixed images loaded via the USB port.

An LCD screen of 3 inches on the front panel allows quick access to the navigation menu and the settings for the switch. A multiple Viewer supports feeding program and preview and up to eight sources of video with audio meters and tags. A free software application, V-60HD RCS (Mac or PC), provides information on configuration and control for the unit through a network port. For fixed installations, it can be controlled remotely via the LAN port or RS-232 using the touch panel or other programmable interface devices.

The LAN port is compatible with the new Roland wireless counting system for PC, iOS and Android devices, which allows some devices in a wireless access point. In addition to enable the burden of fixed images, USB port allows to save program files and memory configurations further software updates.

Roland ISE 2018

AV applications

Moreover, XS-62S provides a switch of video and audio mixer's six-channel with control capabilities of PTZ camera in a space-saving design on a single computer. It is optimized for production of events, recordings and transmissions.

This latest addition to the line of production of Roland video solutions provides an advanced set of features in a compact 1RU equipment which can be operated by a single user, from the easy to use, a front panel controls or remotely from a Mac or PC, or programmable interface.

Roland XS-62S supports switching without interruptions of six channels between four SDI inputs, including the Elimination of cuts along with HDMI and RGB scaled inputs from a computer, tablet or other video sources, more two still pictures stored in the internal memory.

Roland XS-62S

Two SDI and two HDMI outputs can be assigned to the buses of program (PGM), view previous (PVW) or auxiliary (AUX). The output MultiView displays six video input sources, two PGM and PVW outputs and still images with audio meters. There are three modes available video switching, which allows the XS-62S to handle a wide range of applications, including presentations, performances and special events, corporate AV conferences and distance learning.

In the PGM mode / PST, the XS-62S operates as a traditional video switcher, which allows the grouping of multiple images on a single screen, with independent assignment to the AUX bus that supports stage monitor or additional presentation screens. Downstream keyer (DSK), which support the embedding of luminance (black / white) and chroma (blue / green), in addition the PinP (picture in picture) function, allows the composition of titles, graphics and videos inserted. You can select PinP circle, heart or diamond, as well as typical rectangle or square-shaped.

Dissolve mode offers switching and video compositing with dissolution cross to the PGM bus and is suitable for a system in which the user operates directly the main unit in a space or meeting event. The separate AUX bus is also available in Dissolve mode.

In Matrix mode, the XS-62S allows you to assign individual video input signals to three different destinations in three buses with cast transparent switching to black. This mode is effective to distribute signals in applications that use multiple screens and at the same time mixing the audio of the program and the remote cameras PTZ control.

The XS-62S boasts an 18 audio mixer channels with four sockets TRS and a pair RCA stereo, as well as audio integrated from six video inputs. Innovative Roland eight-channel analogue audio embedding allows the operator to select which audio source will be integrated separately to the 1 and 2 SDI outputs, for example, for troubleshooting audio or separate sources of audio in several languages when It is published after the event.

In addition to preamplifiers, built-in audio processing includes a filter high-pass gate, Equalizer three EQ and delay, as well as the ability to select channels of audio-seguimiento - video.

The processing can be controlled from the menus of the display on the front panel or via the remote control (Remote Control Software - RCS) of Roland software. The integrated automatic mixing automatically adjusts audio inputs on the basis of the weighting, which guarantees uniform standards for the mix room, recording and web transmission, even from sources difficult to manage as panel discussions multiple microphones.

The XS-62S is designed for direct control and intuitive operation of a user in any AV application, with a dedicated menu screen and buttons for easy access front panel audio volume.

Programmable PTZ camera control eliminates the need for individual camera operators through the recovery with a single touch of positions and angles of camera presets, combined with the automatic audio mixer, which allows the operator to focus on video switching.

XS-62S RCS, an easy to use software application (Mac / PC), allows configuration and control via a network port, in addition to copy, store and retrieve the memory (backup) and preset settings. An RS-422 port provides control PTZ (VISCA) along with an RS-232 connector for remote control from a touch panel or other device of programmable interface. Includes a USB port for stills and loads to save program files.

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