For eleven days, the most emblematic buildings of the city became the stage where 24 artists showed their works among which was the Tigrelab who designed the videomapping Monolith and Sunrise. The first was the protagonist in the opening ceremony.

Tigrelab Monolith Festival light Sharjah 2018

This year, the Emirate of Sharjah has returned to offer its Festival of light)Sharjah Light Festival). An event, that in its eighth edition has offered its visitors a spectacle of light and sound that has had as a backdrop the facades of the most emblematic buildings of the city. This event, which attracted 700,000 visitors in the last year has been organised by the Sharjah (Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority tourism development authority- SCTDA)

For eleven days, 24 internationally renowned artists have shown their works under the theme 'Culture in Sharjah' with shows that have revolved around science, creativity and heritage (between 7 and 17 February).

Among artists and companies who have participated in the Festival of the light of Sharjah 2018 are two shows that have been made by the Spanish company Tigrelab: Monolith and Sunrise.

Tigrelab Monolith Festival light Sharjah 2018

The first, which was the protagonist of the opening ceremony, is the work of Mathieu Felix French art director and was performed at the Center for studies of Gulf Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi. The address has been in charge of Tigrelab while production has been the responsibility of Nomad les Arts nomades.

Monoliths is an audiovisual show that lasts for 18 minutes and takes place in a dream time capsule. The videomapping is divided into three parts: Creation, Evolution, and Future.

Tigrelab Monolith Festival light Sharjah 2018

Creation represents all elements of the creation and the birth (light, stars, planets, Earth, water, cells, amniotic fluid) using the technique of disruptive narrative. The artist aimed to be an idyllic, dreamlike vision of the environment. A feeling that becomes the central theme of Evolution "which shows the depletion of natural resources, scanning or massive dematerialisation of all our environment, our relationship between real and virtual world." We take the elements of the first part, giving great prominence to the building upon which we project, digitalize them, mix and decay. The show wants to convey the fascination, excitement but also fear and vertigo to the Horizon 2020, "explains Mathieu Felix.

The last part, Future, takes you to a future minimal and balanced, where there is a harmonic treatment of the continuous flow of data. Forms, characters, sounds and movements are synchronized, showing a futuristic view, fluid and controlled.

Tigrelab Monolith Festival light Sharjah 2018

"The installation establishes a dialogue with the space through the use of the 12 Skytracers", clarifies Mathieu.

For the realization of this videomapping is used 17 projectors Full HD 20 k's Ship 20 k which was achieved a total resolution of 28.466 × 2.160 pixels. Also, also joined the installation four Led displays of 7 × 2, 5 meters. All this equipment was controlled and synchronized by the software Watchout 6 of Dataton.

In the third part of the mapping, 12 Skytracers Falcon Beam 2controlled by a proprietary software developed in collaboration with Protopixelallowed offer the synchrony between music and video.

Tigrelab Sunrise Festival light Sharjah 2018


The second project that has participated Tigrelab in the eighth edition of the Festival of the light of Sharjah has been Sunrise. A vidéomapping that was projected on the building of University Hall and had a length of 12 minutes.

Developed in the context of an evolving universe, Sunrise uses the Sun to represent the passage of time. The show is an interpretation of how the cultural views can change over time, however, the Sun is still the star Guide at the center of the solar system.

Tigrelab Sunrise Festival light Sharjah 2018

The installation shows five sunrises from five different point of view. It is a piece that wants to turn the building into a giant Sun using the dome as a final Guide. "It is an invitation to relaxation and meditation, so ask the production put chairs around the building".

A total of 12 projectors were used to make the projection onto three sides of the building Panasonic 20K, mounted in a vertical position.

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By • 19 Feb, 2018
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