During these three decades, the professional lounge of the Audiovisual technology has served to anticipate the radical transformation in this industry. The 2018 Edition, which will take place from 8 to 10 may, will continue ahead of the future not only with the largest of southern Europe exhibition area but also with a full program of Conference which addressed key issues for the sector thirty.

Audiovisual BIT

The latest trends and technological solutions applied both to broadcast and new media environments will again occupy the contents of the professional Audiovisual technology Hall, Audiovisual BITthat organizes IFEMA at Feria de Madrid, the next 8 to 10 May.

The 2018 Edition will be somewhat special since the classroom reference for professionals in the sector will meet three decades in advance the future of the audiovisual. During these thirty years, the fair has served to anticipate the changes that have profoundly transformed the industry: from black and white to color; an analog television with only two channels to a digital multichannel distribution, multiplatform and multi-device hundreds of signals; a linear consumption to content on demand and the Charter; Ultra high definition 625 lines; a mono audio immersive audio; infrastructure based on fragile cables to IP networks over optical fiber; analogue radio to digital and hybrid radio; or from celluloid to digital cinema... These are just a few examples of how these 30 years the audiovisual scene has experienced a profound transformation.

Precisely in order to continue advancing the future of audiovisual communication in any of their supports and means of distribution, Audiovisual BIT 2018 will have, in addition to its exhibition area dedicated to broadcast and larger than average new technology and with more extensive participation of companies and visitors to the South of Europe, with an extensive program of workshops which will involve leading practitioners.

This program will be configured around four areas: broadcast; corporate and new forms of expression as digital signage AV; cinema and advertising.

About thirty issues to addressed this Conference, in morning and afternoon sessions, include the round tables dedicated to the production, post-production and distribution of contents in 4K UHD; the new infrastructure based on IP environments; the transformation of the business with the irruption of emerging OTT models; the 5G, and the optimization of encoding and the band (either terrestrial, satellite or cable/fiber).

Professionals who attend Audiovisual BIT will know first-hand the experience of users in relation to the high dynamic range (HDR); the possibilities that opens the cloud and virtualization; the boom of the sports; the blockchain and their impact on media, and the development of new business models in radio based on concepts fully digital or hybrid (analog-digital).

Audiovisual BIT 2018 will accommodate this year into corporate environments and applications not broadcast audiovisual. Among other issues to be addressed the use of video and channels corporate; the development of IP networks in stadiums and arenas; the power of the image in the street marketing, and the use of virtual reality in tourism (the country's first industry).

Regarding cinema, Audiovisual BIT 2018 will organize a "cinema evenings" in which will be raised to experiences related to the financing of film projects; the broadcasting of live events on big screen; protection and safety in the delivery of content, and alternative models for bringing the films to the end-user outside the circuit of the big majors.

Finally, Audiovisual BIT will also analysis of audiences in an environment non-linear multi-channel, the brandchannel, programmatic advertising or the application of the big data to gain insight into the profile of the viewer or consumer of audiovisual content.

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By • 28 Feb, 2018
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