The AV division of Tech Data has organized two workshops engaged in three key business areas. And therefore it will have the collaboration of Microsoft, boat ClickShare, Logitech, Samsung, Epson, NEC, Promethean and Newstar.

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During the next edition of METIC, which will take place in Barcelona on March 13, Maverick OF Solutions , division of professional video and audio of Tech Data, it will organize two workshops so that attendees will know the latest news about intelligent digital signage (smart signage), collaboration and education. These will be in the hands of manufacturers such as Microsoft, boat ClickShare, Logitech, Samsung, Epson, NEC, Promethean and Newstar.

The rivalry between online and offline stores are coming to an end, a channel is improving to the other, which leads to convergence. The cooperation between both worlds shows the great potential of combining the information of both. Not only are large companies that are committed to renovate their stores, restaurants and franchises, they now see digital signage solutions in almost all environments every day.

Tech Data METIC18Dynamism, interactivity, collaborative solutions and digital content are concepts that increasingly are present in the classrooms of the schools and require teachers to adapt its methodology of work, making it a true transformation technology classes.

Digital natives are accessing the world of work and form a group of users who are revolutionizing the way work and work spaces. Accustomed in their personal lives to share your content, access to your information immediately, to make video calling naturally, even to touch your data, using applications like Skype or WhatsApp, they want the same experience in your life Professional.

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Old workspaces cease to make sense, and arise small group work rooms, spaces of creation or, even, for informal meetings. In addition, also used content is changing, and where before only Power Point or Excel is utilized, is used today interactive digital content, allowing greater activity by participants.

"METIC is the most important and ambitious event between everyone who organizes Tech Data. It is a very special moment that allows us to bring together thousands of people who share a common interest: the passion for technology. From Maverick AV Solutions get involved so that our active customers can deepen the knowledge about the solutions we offer in the vertical collaboration/education and smart signage", says Vittorio Salerno, marketing manager of Maverick.

Session AV Solutions:

11:00: Smart Signage
Digital signage is evolving:
Current situation of the market
Get ready for the future

12:30: collaboration and education
Connected meetings and educational catalysts:
New educational tools and collaborative platforms
Aftermarket crossbars catalysts

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By • 7 Mar, 2018
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